E-commerce in Nigeria: Konga weathers the recession and rolls out a grocery service to build deeper relationship with its customers

21 July 2017

African e-commerce may have suffered growing pains but there’s no doubt it’s at the beginning of a long journey to growth. Russell Southwood spoke to Shola Adekoya, CEO, Konga about surviving the Nigerian recession and the launch of its new groceries service, Konga Daily. was founded in July 2012 and started purely as an online retailer selling baby and beauty products. In 2014, Konga opened Seller HQ – Konga’s Marketplace. Its current CEO Shola Adekoya (who was then on the budget team at Etisalat) was bought in as Chief Financial Officer in July 2013, and later moved to become…


Senegal: Excaf Telecom’s roll-out of digital coverage and decoders gathers pace across the country

14 July 2017

The digital transition in broadcasting has not been Africa’s finest hour. Many countries have barely started the process. However, Senegal is one of West Africa’s leaders in implementation. Russell Southwood spoke to Jupiter Diagne, D-G, DTV, a part of Excaf telecom about progress. In 2014 Excaf Telecom Group won a public tender to launch and popularise the DTT offer in Senegal. It already owns two pay-TV channels – La RDV and la RDV Music et Sport – as well as four radio stations. The digital transition process it is managing started two years ago. Through a combination of terrestrial, satellite…


VoD and Africa - A review of existing VoD services, drivers, challenges and opportunities (July 2017 update)

180+ VoD platforms related to Africa and Black culture!  The new emerging distribution market for the African audiovisual industry is VoD. VoD and IPTV services are the best way for broadband internet operators in Africa to monetize data now!  There are very few reports that review VoD (video on demand) progress across Africa.  This report offers invaluably detailed and updated information on the state of play with VoD platforms' launches and projects across the continent. This report is ideal to prepare a business plan and convince investors and partners. The main report was initially released at the end of 2014 and…