African Internet speeds and volumes increase but the bar just keeps getting higher

17 August 2017

Recent data shows African Internet speeds that would have been unthinkable ten years ago. But with the arrival of video content, the bar for the speeds required just keeps slipping beyond reach. A slew of recent data highlights the challenges and the increasing volume of data that Africa’s networks are carrying. Russell Southwood picks his way through the numbers. The World Broadband Speed League is a ranking put together from research carried out by New America’s Open Technology Institute, Google Open Source Research and Princeton University’s Planet Lab. Across a large number of countries globally, it measured overall speeds and…


Public Vine’s cloud-based software gives creators and broadcasters their own platform to promote their content

11 August 2017

African content creators – whether TV and film production companies or TV channels – are increasingly faced by a strategic choice: do they distribute widely across multiple online platforms or do they run their own platform? Russell Southwood talks to Nam Mokwunye about his platform Public Vine that puts the control in the hands of the creators for those who want to run their own platform. Public Vine is a cloud-based software company founded by Nam Mokwunye. Its flagship product is a streaming platform-as-a-service (“PaaS”) technology that it licenses to enterprise clients so they can launch their own branded, streaming…


VoD and Africa - A review of existing VoD services, drivers, challenges and opportunities (July 2017 update)

180+ VoD platforms related to Africa and Black culture!  The new emerging distribution market for the African audiovisual industry is VoD. VoD and IPTV services are the best way for broadband internet operators in Africa to monetize data now!  There are very few reports that review VoD (video on demand) progress across Africa.  This report offers invaluably detailed and updated information on the state of play with VoD platforms' launches and projects across the continent. This report is ideal to prepare a business plan and convince investors and partners. The main report was initially released at the end of 2014 and…