Benin: Waiting for a fibre upgrade and price drops before its users make the big move to digital services

17 March 2017

With certain notable exceptions (Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal), Francophone countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have been slow to move to greater data use. The legacy of monopoly state-owned telcos has acted as a brake on this transition. Russell Southwood spoke to Robert Aouad, Founder and CEO, Isocel Telecom about the upgrades he has planned. Q: When did you start the company and why? A: We started our first commercial activity in 2008. At this time, there was only DSL from Benin Telecom and its distributor ISPs. It was very limited and only accessible to those with a fixed line so we…


Kenya: Docubox finds funding in innovative ways for documentaries with character-driven storytelling

10 March 2017

If documentary is the poor and lonely relative globally, imagine how hard it is to finance and make African documentaries. Judy Kibinge’s Docubox scheme has been both fertile and innovative. Russell Southwood spoke to her about what they’ve done and what they have planned for the future. Docubox was launched in 2012 as a documentary film fund that “supports intimate, character-driven storytelling and encourages new forms of ownership and authorship in East Africa because we believe that true stories well told make the world a better place to live”. With Ford Foundation funding its first act was to put money…


VoD and Africa - A review of existing VoD services, drivers, challenges and opportunities (2017 update)

140+ VoD platforms related to Africa and Black culture! (list to be updated at the end of April 2017) The new emerging distribution market for the African audiovisual industry is VoD. VoD and IPTV services are the best way for broadband internet operators in Africa to monetize data now!  There are very few reports that review VoD (video on demand) progress across Africa.  This report offers invaluably detailed and updated information on the state of play with VoD platforms' launches and projects across the continent. This report is ideal to prepare a business plan and convince investors and partners. The main report was initially…