BluPoint’s content hub offers curated online content offline that can be updated and can operate where there is little or no Internet

21 October 2016

There have been several initiatives to deliver online content offline to local communities and the latest is BluPoint’s Mesh-Wi-Fi hub that is already getting promising results. Russell Southwood spoke to its founder, Mike Santer about how it works. BluPoint is a social impact company that spun off from the UK’s University of Southampton. Its founder Mike Santer was doing a PhD on the adoption of local internet in Sub-Saharan Africa:”I was amazed at how much people were spending on phones in rural Africa. It was often up top 70% of their income….In South Africa, students told me they had to…


Mahindra Comviva aggressively pursuing a digital content strategy in Africa with TV content producers, broadcast channels and mobile operators

20 October 2016

Mobile is an increasingly important platform for African broadcasters but it is not always an easy one to negotiate. One large player who aims to make it easier is Mahindra Comviva which is now focused on broadcast content partnerships. Russell Southwood spoke to Senior Vice President Atul Madan who heads Digital Services. Launched in 1999, Mahindra Comviva has three main areas of operation: content, commerce (things like pre-paid top-up and mobile wallets) and data. It works with 135 operators across 90 countries but has an especially strong footprint in Africa. It has also started working with broadcast media channels as…


DTT: Digital Migration In Africa (Excel Summary - July 2016)

DTT in Africa - State of play of the migration to digital terrestrial TV by country  (Please refer to the main DTT report for more details). This report required interviews with over 100 DTT and broadcast experts in and outside of Africa over the past 6 years. Format: Excel tables only These report's files seize a growing and emerging TV content distribution channel across Africa. Report's Key data: April 2016 update: DTT state of play by country in Africa: 1) ASO, 2) DTT launch, 3) pilot, 4) regulation and/or DTT commission set up, 5) no action DTT commissions, DTT players and decision…