Malawi: C3 to launch a nationwide wireless data network using Mimosa, TV White Spaces and Wi-Fi – Targeting Corporates, SMEs and NGOs

28 April 2017

One of the first commercial African operators to use TV White Spaces technology will launch at the end of next month. C3 has already rolled out its network to a large refugee camp in Dowa and will make a full launch at the end of May. Russell Southwood spoke to its founder and CEO Richard Chisala about the strategy he is adopting. C3’s founder Richard Chisala was on the Board of the Malawian regulator MACRA and was involved in one of the early TVWS pilots from the regulator side. When Microsoft opened its Access Programme, he applied through his systems…


Togo’s Yobo Studios pioneers short-format series content for broadcast and online

21 April 2017

If you’re a regular visitor to Discop Africa, you may have noticed her. Or maybe you know 'Zem', her mini-TV series that was a hit in Africa and with the african diaspora. Half Togolese on her father’s side and half from Guadeloupe on her mother’s side, Angela Aquereburu Rabatel founded the company YoBo Studios with her partner Jean-Luc Rabatel in 2009. She explains her career and describes her productions to Sylvain Béletre. Based in Lomé, Togo, YoBo Studios is an audiovisual production company...


4G/LTE network projects and launches in Africa (2017)

There are very few reports that review 4G deployment by country across Africa in detail. This report offers invaluably detailed and updated information on the state of play and trends with 4G-LTE launches and projects across the continent. The May 2017 update provides you with: Description: Using a range of information, this piece of research compiled into an excel spreadsheet looks at several areas:  1) the list of 4G/LTE services launches, pilot tests and upcoming projects by country;  2) the list of operators launching 4G/LTE services; 3) 4G LTE launch dates 4) in each country, the approximate number of 4G subscribers…