Who we are

TMT in Africa

'Balancing Act' seeks to be the primary source for information on the telecoms, Internet and audio-visual media industries in Africa. It carries out consultancy assignments for a variety of clients and has expertise in the following areas: business planning, sectoral and market assessments, feasibility and development studies, management reviews and facilitating important or difficult discussions.

We spend a lot of time in Africa and have a network of clients and experts across the continent.

We have carried out a range of assignments for clients including: operators, connectivity resellers, equipment vendors, financial institutions, TV broadcasters and development agencies. Our assignments have included helping global brands with their involvement in the continent.

Short Biographies

Russell Southwood Mug shotRussell Southwood is the Chief Executive, Balancing Act, a consultancy and online publishing company specialising in telecoms, Internet and broadcasting in Africa. His consultancy work has included: an assessment of two different sectors in the TV market in Africa; an assessment of the transition to digital broadcasting in over 20 African countries; an appraisal of an investment in a wireless broadband operator; and a study on Open Access models. He has produced numerous market reports and is also the co-author of Balancing Act’s African Broadcast and Film Markets and African Satellite Markets.

Sylvain Beletre Mug Shot

Sylvain Beletre is associate editor and senior research analyst at Balancing Act. Béletre's current research in Telecoms include fixed, wireless, internet, Vsat and specific ICT solutions such as e-learning, e-Health and data centers across several African countries. Past research in the African audiovisual sector included VoD, DTT, piracy, pay TV, media audience research, broadcast technologies and advertising. Sylvain Béletre has 20 years experience in international research and consultation. Béletre spent four years at PBI Tarifica (UK) and eight years for US analyst house Current Analysis. He has conducted research and courses in competitive intelligence models, marketing implementation and market analysis. He has written a book on 'strategic intelligence' and holds a MSc in Management and Marketing from Staffordshire University Business School in Britain, a certification from Havard Business School, a degree in Film and TV production, and a certificate in journalism.

If you need consultancy work done on any of these areas and want to work with consultants and market analysts who know Africa in detail please email us at info@balancingact-africa.com or call us on +44 (0)207 582 5220