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The 36th Cairo International Film Festival is scheduled to conclude on Tuesday night in a closing ceremony at the Giza Pyramids' Sound and Light Show area.

Ethiopia: The Making of a Film Without a Score

Teza by Haile Gerima tells the story of the trials and tribulations of one individual during military rule. This film, which has won many international awards, narrates the story of the revolution and re-visioning of a better Ethiopia by using elements of mythology.

Nigeria: AFRIFF 2014 Ends in Style

It was another night of glamour and panache as this year's edition of the prestigious Africa International Film Festival, AFRIFF, came to a glittering end Saturday in Calabar, the Cross River State capital. The grand finale of the festival, which kicked off amid gaiety on Sunday, November 9, held at the Cultural Centre, Calabar, with top Nollywood stars, producers, directors and stakeholders from Africa, Europe, America and other parts of the world in attendance.

GOtv set to rebirth boxing in Nigeria

For many years old boxers stayed away from the National Stadium in Lagos, following the death of boxing in Nigerian. But there is hope for Boxers in Nigeria as boxing is set to regain its leadership position following the decision of Pay TV, GOtv, to sponsor a boxing championship in Lagos.

Sub-Saharan Africa Broadcast Presents: AfriDocs Television at its Best

AfriDocs presents two highly acclaimed documentaries, Blood in the Mobile and Gulabi Gang, as well as the hugely well-received short series – Congo in Four Acts over the next two weeks.

Congo is particularly in the spotlight this month with Blood in the Mobile as well as Congo in Four Acts screening on November 18th and showcasing some of the human rights issues seriously affecting the people of Congo.

Kenya: Human Rights Film Festival showcases films from around the world

Last week, the Human Rights Watch had their annual film festival. It showcased five films that highlighted various issues from different parts of the world.

In Born this Way, the lives of members of LGBTI community in Cameroon is put under the microscope. The film starts off with the narrator asking Gertrude and her partner if they can kiss in public, to which she says no for fear of being persecuted and sentenced to three to five years in jail. The film moves on to Cedric preparing himself to go for a night out with his friends.

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Nigerian animated children’s show grows international fan base

Documentary follows IT pioneers in Africa

Made in Africa, produced by Geraldine de Bastion and René von der Waar, is a documentary which portrays the progress of digital technologies and innovation hubs across Africa. Told through the lives of inventive youths who actively make use of the hubs, the film seeks to steer away from clichés and portray a new side of the continent.

The Dream of Shahrazad teaser trailer

South African documentary filmmaker Francois Verster's The Dream of Shahrazad, looks at recent political events in Egypt and Turkey through the lens of the famous story collection known as The 100 Nights.

The film uses the metaphor of Shahrazad (the princess who saves lives by telling stories) to explore how creativity and political articulation coincide in response to oppression.

The film is produced by Verster and Shameela Seedat of Undercurrent Film and Television, Wael Omar of Middlewest Films and Neil Brandt of Fireworx Media.

African cinema: the five best political films

Magnus Taylor picks his favourites from the upcoming Film Africa festival in London – from a pro-democracy struggle to a city battling religious extremists


In the dunes not far from Timbuktu, recently captured by militant jihadists, Kidane lives peacefully with his wife Satima, his daughter Toya, and shepherd, Issan. Residents in the culturally rich city are suffering: music, laughter, cigarettes and football have been banned and women are being chastised for not wearing the veil.

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