Sénégal: Channel 3 launches Nguélawal Nawet, a new health awareness programme with support from USAID

Channel 3 of Senegal’s public broadcaster RTS last Thursday in St Louis launched a programme called Nguélawal Nawet (Winter Wind) to promote health awareness in the national language Wolof, according to a report from APS.

With the financial support of USAID, the series will run to 168 episodes and support public health awareness of a range of diseases including: sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS as well as tuberculosis, which can be combated by changes in diet.

South Africa as seen through Hollywood eyes

Hollywood is taking a renewed interest in South Africa these days. A century after D.W. Griffith filmed his 13-minute black and white silent fable "The Zulu's Heart," South Africa and the U.S. film industry appear to be entering a new phase in their complex, sometimes tortuous relationship.

Mozambique: Inhambane Film on Manta Rays

The UK’s public broadcaster the BBC on 11 November transmitted a documentary on the work of Inhambane-based researcher Andrea Marshall, who has discovered that there are two types of manta rays. The documentary, "Andrea: Queen of Mantas", will be the first to show the rays since it was confirmed that the two types of manta exist. Centuries ago sailors called mantas "devil-fish" because of their horned and cloaked appearance. Mantas are cousins of sharks with a wingspan that can reach 7 metres wide.

FIFA WC Countdown to 2010: A24 provides footage for broadcasters

A24 media provides several pieces of materials to broadcast networks.

Where will you be on the 11th of June 2010? With slightly over 220 days remaining before the world of football relocates to Africa, the event is gathering pace. How ready is South Africa and will the 5kg gold trophy remain in Africa?

SA Will Be Ready

Content In Brief:

- The Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) has announced that it will officially launch the ‘Film Friendly Gauteng’ campaign this month (November 2009), positioning the Province as an attractive and competitive film destination.

 - America's cablenews channel, Cable News Network (CNN), has rated Nigeria’s This Day Music Festival among the best in the world.

South Africa gears up to welcome more than 300 international broadcasters for World Cup

Although the World Cup does not start until next June, the territory is already pulling out the stops. US president Barack Obama has accepted the invitation to be at the opening ceremonies of the first World Cup in history to take place on African soil. Meanwhile, multimillion-dollar advertising strategies aimed at profiling South Africa are already under way.

Al Jazeera Selects Africa’s A24 Media for online programme distribution

The distribution of this content is part of the organisation’s drive to revolutionize the African media environment and to service strong demand among international audiences for African content.

South Africa: Kwanda Reality TV Series Set to Change Communities

A new, fresh and exciting TV series, the Kwanda Reality show, is set to entertain and inspire people to make a difference in their communities. Aired on SABC1 every Wednesday at 9pm, the Kwanda Reality TV series is the first community make-over show which helps to address some of the biggest challenges facing communities.

PAMRO conference reviews how the African media landscape is changing

Africa’s market researchers came together at the end of August for their annual conference PAMRO in Nairobi. Although there was no big headline announcement, there were many presentations looking at how Africa’s media landscape is undergoing rapid change. Market and audience research consultant for PEGS (Practical Education and Gender Support) Graham Mytton was there and below is an edited version of his impressions that he gave as the closing speech at the conference.

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