Nigeria: Minister Akunyili says 7,758 Adverts Not Vetted in 2008

Minister for Information and Communication, Professor Dora Akunyili, said week that in the the last year, a total of 7,758 adverts were not inspected before they were aired in Nigeria. She said although it is an unacceptable trend, there had been an improvement in the situation, as only about 2, 244 unapproved adverts had been aired or published in the first half of 2009.

335 International Filmmakers want to be part of the 6th Abuja Film Festival

As the 6th. edition of the annual Abuja International Film Festival continues to gather momentum, at least 335 foreign filmmakers from 50 countries have expressed in taking part. The Festival will take place in 23-25 September at the Shehu Musa Yar Adua Centre and the Cyprian Ekwensi Cultural Centre.

€460,000 audio-visual production Funds for Francophone Films

Fourteen films from French-speaking countries in the South, representing approximately 17 hours of films, will receive production assistance or completion support for a total of €460.000 granted by the International organization of Francophonie (OIF - l’Organisation internationale de la Francophonie).

The Commission, made up of 7 cinema professionals representing cultural diversity and the geographic Francophonie, met in Paris on July 16 and 17, 2009 and selected 14 projects among the 45 projects submitted following a public call for proposals launched in January 2009.

Ghana’s TV3 Win Three Awards

TV3 picked up three awards at the Ghana National Honorary awards of fame, one for the channel itself and two others for distinguished journalists and presenters, which went to Nana Aba Anamoah and Roland Walker.

Content In Brief:

- Angola’s Damba district, 197 kilometres from Uíge city, can receive signal coverage for National Radio of Angola (RNA), which is transmitted by a repeater that was inaugerated inaugurated by local governor, Mawete Joao Baptista.

Morocco puts US$619,000 into local film and TV production

Morocco has earmarked 5 million dirhams to promote national audiovisual production, said Communication Minister and Spokesman for the government, Khalid Naciri on Tuesday. It may be a relatively small sum but it is a great deal more than most other countries in Africa.

Speaking during the House of Advisors' question time, Naciri said that national TV channels wield limited resources in comparison with other channels, adding that the policy led in this realm is based on the merits of the production projects.

Nigeria: Enugu will build Nollywood production village in bid make itself the centre of the country’s movie industry

The state government has announced plans to build a Nollywood village in order to try and make the state the centre of movie production in the country. The announcement was made as part of the centennial celebrations held by the state.

Private sector broadcast chief Mactar Silla stresses role of communication in Africa's development

The chairman of the Organization of Africa's Private Television stations, Mactar Silla, has said communication plays a key role in Africa's development and urged the continent's leaders to be aware of this role.

''Nowadays, whatever campaign people launch, whether it be on health, agriculture or others aimed at developing a country, whatever area of life, if there is no communication, there will be no success,'' he said at the graduation ceremony of a communication and management school earlier this month.

Tunisia: Nessma TV promotes exchange of broadcast content between Maghreb countries

Tunisian private Television station, Nessma TV, has pledged to promote culture in the Maghreb region with its new programme schedules. One of its owners Nabil Karoui told a press conference here Tuesday that its programme, covering movies, artistic varieties and sports, would be beamed to other countries of the region. He called on producers, artistes and animators from Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Mauritania to send their productions to his station for airing.

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