Distribution - In Brief

- Cote Ouest Audiovisuel has released its total number of hours distributed over 2010 which amounted to approximately 20,000 (this includes repeats from TV channel clients). The company’s recent expansion from the francophone to the anglophone market brought the number of markets covered from 37 to 67 and the number of client channels jumped from 89 to 111. The leading film distributor in Africa currently has a stock of nearly 17,000 hours of programs including 8,000 hours of recent or very recent titles.

SA 'First Grader' scores in the United States and Cannes

The First Grader the first co-production between South Africa, the United Kingdom and Kenya which was released in the United States by National Geographic Entertainment on 13 May 2011 has been embraced by both critics and general audiences. It is a BBC Films and UK Film Council production in association with Videovision Entertainment, Lipsync and ARTE France. The film was released on an additional twenty five screens in the United States 27 May 2011 bringing it to a total of 50 screens.

CFI’s TV partners in Africa distributed music programmes

African TV stations broadcast to the pace of the ‘Make Music celebration’ on 21 June 2011. CFI worked to support them as they programme a special musical schedule. Throughout May, CFI offered musical programmes to enhance the schedules of its TV partners in Africa. Key programmes disseminated included:

Distribution - In Brief

- ‘Lobola’ has sold a staggering 70 000 DVDs locally (Zimbabwe) in just under two months, selling an average of thousand copies a day. Of this figure, sales from the main distributors amounts to over $US 43 000. Direct, international and online sales accounts for the rest. An Ivory Pictures film, ‘Lobola’ ran 25 November 2010 and for two months at the local Rainbow cinemas where, according to producer Rufaro Kaseke, it became the highest ever grossing local production. The DVD was released on 11 February in Harare.

DISCOP offers free tickets for the event if you book before 1 July

Discop Africa has become the major audiovisual trade event across the continent.
TV broadcasters can register for the next Discop Africa event before July 1, 2011 - early bird – to get a free ticket. After that, the entry fee is 300 euro!

Kenyan Cinema: financial crisis at Silverbird’s?

A shareholder dispute has been a contributory factor leading to the shut-down of Silverbird Cinemas in Kenya. On June 10, 2011, Moses Kemibaro wrote on his blog: “I am what you would call a movie buff, meaning, I take my movie watching quite seriously. I am the kind who does the whole hog – the popcorn, the large soda, a nice pre-booked and central location in the cinema to watch – I take movie watching seriously.

Mobicine motorcycle take movies to the people

Since Monday, 9th May 2011, seven Mobicine scooters take cinema across Dakar, and 7 more are in Bamako since start of June. While (almost) all legal cinemas have closed in West Africa, Mobicine motorcycle take movies to the people. Coming soon are films from Henry Duparc, Faro, Ezra, Benda Bilili, Kirikou, Matches, Oceans, etc. Each week, the Mobicine 14 mobile units provide 200 to 300 screenings in municipal districts and school associations. Viewers pay 300 FCFA (0.45 €) or for free when screenings are sponsored by companies or NGOs.

Distribution - In Brief

- On 19 May 2011, SuperSport has acquired the rights for the AMA Motocross Championship Highlights Series (MX series) from 2011-2013. The programming, consisting of 15 hour-long programmes in SD and HD, were broadcast on SuperSport on Tuesday, May 24, at 9.30pm (SuperSport 6). “SuperSport is delighted …” said marketing director Andre de Villiers.

Zanzibar: ZIFF’s campaign to re-open the Majestic Cinema

British Documentary maker Nick Broomfield talks to ZIFF bout Zanzibar’s Majestic Cinema.

Q: You are a supporter of ZIFF’s campaign to re-open the Majestic Cinema, why is it important to have a cinema for any community?

Nigeria Export Promotion Council takes Nollywood on Kenyan road show

The Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) in partnership with Nollywood and the Nigeria High Commission in Kenya are to embark on a road show to promote the Nigerian movies industry in Kenya, it was announced at the end of May 2011.

NEPC's Executive Director, David Adulugba told journalists in Abuja that the planned Kenya Nollywood road show was geared towards enhancing the nation’s foreign earnings through non-oil export, especially in services.

Source: Toly Timi - tolytimi@yahoo.com
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