Kenya: Fight for Pay Television Market Down to the Wire

Competition in the Pay-TV market is getting stiffer with entry of new players breaking the price barriers that have hindered mass consumers from accessing premium programming.

Source: Daily Nation on the WebSource: Winfred Kagwe - 29 November 2010.

MultiChoice, MWeb eye triple-play services

MultiChoice may launch a bundle of uncapped broadband, pay TV, and even voice telephony to South African consumers. It’s working with sister company MWeb to determine whether there’s a market for such a product.

The new service, if it goes to market — and that’s far from certain at this stage — would be South Africa’s first triple-play bundle of broadband, pay-TV and voice-over-IP services.

Distribution News: In Brief

- Augusta Okon (in ArticlesBase SC #2197492) reported that “the Nollywood marketers who also double as financiers are of the view that sale of movies had declined in recent times and they had to recoup their investments. Movies were sold in Ghana and high sales occurred when Ghanaians acted alongside Nollywood actors. Recently, the swing in the production pendulum from the Nigerian marketers to their Ghanaian counterparts has also been given as one of the reasons for the invasion.

Cinema tour in Senegal, on a boat

November 30, 2010, Telegramme.com reported that two French nationals - Pauline and Yann – went by boat to project African films to Africans, and made a film out of it!

Under the «Aux cinéphiles de l'eau» (" moviegoers on water”) association flag, their boat took them to Senegal. The sailboat, Evaloa, a small "10.30 m vessel, was full to the brim with projection equipment. After a break in Dakar, Pauline Le Péculier and Yann Illien sailed on to Casamance, enjoying the river irrigating many villages to show films in the country.

Distribution News - In Brief

- RTV has secured broadcasting rights for the upcoming Senior Challenge Cup in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. "They (RTV) are expected to pay $20000 (approx.Rwf11.7m) so as to broadcast the games," the official said.|

- South Africa’s entertainment and media industry is recovering from the economic downturn, according to a report released mid October 2010. PwC’s entertainment and media report says total entertainment and media spending grew 1.8% in 2009, in contrast to the 1.8% decline globally.

M-Net and A24 media enter into partnership

On 3 Nov 2010, A24media announced that it has entered into a partnership with South African subscription-funded television channel, M-Net. The deal gives A24media exclusive rights to distribute M-Net's home videos, Kwela funnies, in the African region.

“Kwela funnies” is a hilarious collection of amateur home videos capturing incredibly funny and unscripted humour. The funny clips are drawn from submissions to Kwela by viewers from across the world.

SuperSport acquires Euro 2012 and 2016 media rights

SuperSport’s promise of broadcasting major world football took another giant leap on 17 November 2010 with the acquisition of media rights for the 2012 and 2016 Uefa Euro Football Championships.

SuperSport broadcast the 2008 edition of the tournament, co-hosted by Austria and Switzerland, and now football fans across the continent will be able to watch the next two editions of European football’s blue riband event live on SuperSport.

Distribution News - In Brief

- On 2nd. Nov. 2010, A24media has entered into a partnership with M-net, a subscription-funded television channel in South Africa. A24media has acquired exclusive rights to distribute 150 M-net’s home videos, “Kwela funnies”, in the African region. “Kwela funnies” is a hilarious collection of amateur home videos capturing incredibly funny and unscripted humour. The funny clips are drawn from submissions to Kwela by viewers from across the world. More information is available on A24media’s website.

Do you know African Cinema? Interview with Côte Ouest

Ask the average American, European or Asian person to give you African film titles (“Out of Africa” does not apply), and you’re lucky if they can quote just one. African films are not well-known outside of Africa, but there is a legitimate and growing interest around the World for good quality African audiovisual content.

Ster-Kinekor rolls out 3D movies in 58 cinemas

Bizzcommunity reported that South African Cinema chain Ster-Kinekor will have increased its number of 3D cinemas to 58 by the end of November 2010, as the festive season's 3D films roll in. The quality and variety of 3D content is on the rise and the offerings from the summer of 2010 and beyond convinced the group that the time for expansion is now. The number of 3D screens in the US almost doubled in 2009.