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There have been talks in Chad that cinema theatres will soon be renovated in Senegal (two in Dakar and Saint-Louis), in Mali (Bamako) and in Cameroun.

Senegal: Switching from analogue to digital TV signal

With the transition from analogue to digital, Senegalese audiovisual media should be prepared to make more local content, the Senegalese Minister of Communication and Telecommunication, Moustapha Guirassy said in Daka.

With the digital transition deadline set for June 2015 for the whole of Africa, "we must prepare for a content battle" he said. Guirassy was speaking during a meeting between the president and members of the Council of broadcasters and newspaper editors in Senegal (CDEP).

Source: 2011.Source: January 26Source: Senegalese News Agency (Dakar)

Al Jazeera Sport nets FIFA World Cup TV rights for North Africa and Middle East

The next three FIFA World Cup tournaments will be televised by Al Jazeera Sports across the Middle East and North Africa after football’s world governing body struck a new deal with the satellite broadcaster to air the competitions in 2018 and 2022.

The move represents the first transmission rights package be settled by FIFA for the two events – to be hosted in Russia and Qatar respectively. Al Jazeera will also transmit live matches from the next World Cup finals, to be held in 2014 in Brazil, through an existing agreement.

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Workshop at DISCOP: Differentiate your TV channel – Standing out from the competition. The TV stations that will make their mark in 2011 and succeed in gaining market share will be those that build loyalty through the people, programmes and feel of their TV channel. The workshop will focus on all aspects of differentiating your TV channel, primariliy addressing: Channel attitude and personality, Content (local and exclusive); Programming (overall structure and pieces); and brand (content, personalities and marketing).

SA: new Killarney CineCentre will open in March 2011

The new Killarney CineCentre will open in March 2011 and will have a full-3D complex with five screens totalling 708 seats.

It owner, with over 50 years in the industry, Avalon Group's Moosa Moosa is the longest serving cinema executive in South Africa and among the longest serving in the world.

Cinemas for Africa launches a fund to renovate Soudan Ciné in Bamako as a pilot

Cinemas in Africa have been closing down one after the other over the last twenty years. Today, many countries have only one working cinema left. The Association ‘Cinemas for Africa’ - launched in 2009 over FESPACO at the initiative of the Mauritian film maker Abderrahmane Sissako - has been commissioned to back the renovation of Cinemas on the continent and work towards getting them up and running again.

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- In Uganda, Orange is preparing to rollout mobile TV by mid next year but the network has no plans to engage in a sort of triple play offering where data, voice and TV products are all bundled into one package. "The capital outlay required to lay copper infrastructure for such an undertaking would be too massive to easily recoup. Uganda's hilly landscape presents some difficulties as well, not to mention the fact that we have already committed to a huge project in laying fibre cables," Blondeau - Orange's Chief Executive Officer - says.

SA: Mobile TV launches test network

Black-owned broadcaster “Mobile TV” has begun test transmissions using Korea's digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) technology from Sentech's tower in Brixton, Johannesburg.

Mobile TV, formerly known as the Mobile TV Consortium, was given a test licence in September 2010 to test the capabilities of DMB, a competitor standard to the digital video broadcasting handheld (DVB-H) network recently launched by MultiChoice.

The test network is providing a number of television and radio broadcasts from the SABC, including SABC 1, 2 and 3 and radio stations 5fm and Metro FM.

Source: TechCentral

DStv On Demand CatchUp and Series Recording Service Now on HD PVR 2P Decoders

MultiChoice announced that its DStv On Demand CatchUp and series recording services are now available on the HD PVR 2P decoders. As of 9 December 2010, all DStv Premium Subscribers with HD PVR 2P decoders and a PVR subscription will also have access to the “DStv On Demand CatchUp”, as well as the series recording feature. Premium subscribers with 4-tuner HD PVRs and SD PVRs already have access to the service. This service is offered to Premium subscribers at no additional cost.

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- As Algeria is investing to switch to digital TV by 2015, it is also working on making radio digital by the start of 2011. This is according to Tawfik Kheladi, director of « la Radio algérienne” in an interview with presse-dz.com.

Source: 30 November 2010Source: Biz-CommunitySource: Issa Sikiti Da Silva
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