Samsung to open up assembly plant in Ethiopia

Samsung Electronics Co. will be opening up a laptop and printer assembly plant in Ethiopia over the next few months. This is seen as a strategic move in increasing its sales on the continent, after it announced its plans to boost its revenue from Africa to US$10 billion by 2015.

Source: PC Tech

Computing - In Brief

- Cote D'Ivory's YooMee awarded the billing contract for its recently launched LTE network to Broadband Systems.

Cote d'Ivoires Tech Solutions to Local Problems

When Ivorian Thierry NDoufou saw local school kids suffering under the weight of their backpacks full of textbooks, it sparked an idea of how to close the digital gap where it is the largest  in local schoolrooms.

NDoufou is one of 10 Ivorian IT specialists who developed the Qelasy  an 8-inch, Ivorian-engineered tablet that is set to be released next month by his technology company Siregex.
The parent- and teacher-controlled tablet replaces all textbooks, correspondence books, calculators and the individual chalkboards often used in Ivorian classrooms.

Source: Interpress Service

Kenya: Cloud Uptake On the Rise Despite Challenges

The uptake of Cloud solutions is on the rise with latest research indicating that 70 per cent of organisations in Kenya are utilizing these solutions.

This is according to a study conducted by Microsoft and University of Nairobi on cloud computing in Kenya whose findings were released yesterday.

The results of the study were presented by Prof Timothy Mwololo Waema, a lecturer of Information Systems at the School of Computing and Informatics, University of Nairobi and Tonny Kerage Omwansa who lectures at the School of Computing and Informatics at the same institution.

Source: CIO East Africa

Computing – In Brief

The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange has contracted a South Africa's software firm, Securities and Trading Technology (STT), to provide it with integrated trading, clearing and settlement technology. The Chief Executive Officer, Moremi Marwa, told 'Daily News' on Wednesday that the bourse was in the process of migrating from the current system into a new automated trading system, Central Securities Depository (CSD) and risk management.

With a piracy rate of 80 percent, can the tech world convince Africa to buy legitimate software?

For African consumers hurtling head-long into the digital age, software licenses — which can cost hundreds of dollars — can often seem like an unreasonable expense. A licensed copy of Microsoft Office can cost nearly as much (if not more) than a low-end laptop, for example.

Billa Coetsee, who lives in Pretoria, knows all too well how easy it is to come by cheaper alternatives.

Source: ZDNet

'Nigeria's Mark Zuckerberg' puts tech into higher learning

At 23, many people around the world are still at university -- at that age, Gossy Ukanwoke had already started one.

The young entrepreneur is the founder of Beni American University (BAU), Nigeria's first private online university. Launched in late 2012, the school allows students to access their classes at any time of the day with any internet-enabled device.

Source: CNN

Computing – In Brief

- International humanitarian organisation Rockefeller Foundation has announced a $3.8 million grant to facilitate completion of a mini ICT park to be located in central Accra, Ghana. The philanthropic foundation has collaborated with World Bank to empower the West African nation’s IT and IT enabled service industry’

Julius Caesar in Africa – ICT helps reinvent Shakespearean drama

The world-renowned Royal Shakespeare Company returns to BAM with a new twist on Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Set in present-day Africa and featuring an all-black cast, this visionary production echoes recent regime struggles throughout the continent. TheTech-savvy students at Leqele High School in Maseru, the capital of the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho, are using ICT to revolutionise their English literature classes. Their adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar in an African setting is making literature more enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

Source: elearninig Africa

$100 Zedupad Tablet the Answer to Zambia’s Failing School System?

Many African schools are failing their pupils. Through a combination of lack of resources, low teaching skills and many other factors, the students who come out at the other end do not have the skills and understandings required. In a fortnight’s time iSchools in Zambia will launch a tablet or under US100 pre-loaded with the curriculum for schools and parents. I talked to its founder Mark Bennett about what it wants to do.

Source: AFKinsider
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