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Speeding up the future - A strategy for Africa’s data future where Internet is widespread and prices are much lower

Africa has a unique opportunity to make the transition to IP data more quickly than other continents. Using IP data will help reduce costs and could produce some of the cheapest data delivery in the world. Russell Southwood explores how Governments and regulators could create the right conditions to help bring this about.

David takes on Goliath: South Africas Posix to offer Fibre-To-The-Home ahead of the big gorillas

South Africa is potentially a large market for home high-speed broadband but a number of factors have held up its implementation. Kenya got there three years ago so Russell Southwood looks at why and talks to Mark Elkins, Posix about what they've got planned.

LTE launched in Cote d’Ivoire by YooMee, more countries to follow

Last week, YooMee launched the first TDD LTE in Cote d’Ivoire’s capital Abidjan. YooMee Africa Group is a Swiss based provider of mobile broadband Internet in sub-Saharan Africa. After becoming the market leader of broadband Internet in Cameroon (with over 20 000 customers), YooMee Africa continues its expansion by deploying an LTE network in Côte d’Ivoire where it expects to get up to 40 to 60 000 clients by 2017.

Naspers-owned comparison website and mobile app Price Check signs branded deal with MTN in South Africa and will sign another deal in Nigeria

Naspers online investments outside of South Africa have had a mixed track record. But this week one of the more successful ones signed a branded deal with MTN in South Africa and will look at to sign with mobile operators in Nigeria, its other big market. Russell Southwood spoke to Andre de Wet, PriceCheck’s CEO.

OpenBTS 4.0 offers new opportunities for Africa’s mobile operators – Targeting remote locations and the transition to IP

Africa’s mobile operators are faced with a number of network challenges that will have major commercial consequences. One of the key ones is the need to transition to IP for both voice and data to reduce costs and to be able create a data network out of their legacy narrow pipe networks that is fit for purpose. A small start-up that is using OpenBTS to reach remote locations may have a contribution to make. Russell Southwood spoke to Paul Homburger, Range Network’s Director of Sales.

Alliance For Affordable Internet wants to get Internet prices down to 5% of per capita income or below, focused on several African countries

In terms of widening Internet use, Africa faces several challenges including lowering the cost of both data use and device costs. The Alliance for Affordable Internet has sunk its teeth into getting developing country Internet prices down, Russell Soythwood spoke to its Executive Director Sonia Jorge about the challenges and how she will tackle them.

Unbundling the sacred SIM identity – Movirtu creates a service offering soft phone and low cost international dialling with your mobile number

When mobile carriers talk about owning the customer, it’s their SIM card that contains the “ownership” they’re thinking about. It contains both the customer’s identity and his or her ability to get on to the network. Movirtu’s new service unbundles this relationship a little and provides new possibilities. Russell Southwood spoke to its CEO Carsten Brinkshulte about what they have planned.

Ugandan mobile operator outsourcing company grows its revenues – Latest offer is fast market data intelligence

With enormous pressures on margins, mobile operators are increasingly outsourcing parts of their operation, particularly network operations. By and large, these contracts go to international companies. NFT Consult is a Ugandan company that offers outsourced functions and has grown significantly by providing them to international companies like mobile operators, banks and oil companies. Russell Southwood spoke to its founder Badru Ntege about how his kind of outsourcing services are used.

Central African Ministers sign Brazzaville Agreement, committing to Open Access but key signatories missing

In issue 688 we carried a Top Story on the dead end Cameroon has got itself into with its incumbent telco Camtel. (The Battle Against High Fibre Prices from Monopoly Providers moves to Central Africa. See more here:) This week Ministers in the region signed an accord endorsing Open Access as the basis for the Central African Backbone project. Russell Southwood looks at the implications of the accord.

Nigeria – Dancing around the threshold of a real broadband take-off

Nigeria is poised to move decisively into a better bandwidth future. As Sub-Saharan Africa’s second data largest market and maybe one day its largest, what happens in Nigeria is crucial to the rest of the continent. It has the size of home market to make all sorts of things happen smaller countries do not. Russell Southwood takes a tape measure to the distance between dream and current reality.

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