Mozambican Government Planning to Unify Telecom Licences

The Mozambican government is studying the viability of unifying the licensing of new telephone operators and Internet service providers, who wish to enter the Mozambican market.

Interviewed in Friday's issue of the Maputo daily "Noticias", the Minister of Transport and Communications, Paulo Zucula, said that granting several different licences for the provision of telecommunications services was ceasing to be rational.

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Africa in Motion Film Festival 2012’s theme: Modern Africa

This year “Africa in Motion 2012” festival theme is ‘Modern Africa’. Organisers will focus on films and events that represent Africa as part and parcel of the modern, globalised world – the urban, the new, the provocative, the innovative and experimental.

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Mozambique: SNJ/Vodacom Journalism Prize

Mozambique's National Union of Journalists (SNJ) and the mobile phone company Vodacom on Tuesday launched the fourth annual edition of the journalism prizes sponsored by Vodacom.

There are eight categories in which prizes can be awarded, with total prize money of 31,000 US dollars. The most prestigious is the "Aquino de Braganca" prize for investigative journalism, named after an outstanding journalist, researcher and intellectual who died with the country's first President, Samora Machel, in a 1986 plane crash.

Source: 24 May 2011Source: AIM

Visabeira to invest 6 Million Euros in Fibre-To-The-Home in Beira, Mozambique

9 May 2011: The Portuguese company Visabeira is investing six million Euros (about 8.7 million US dollars) in the Mozambican cable television company (TV Cabo Mocambique) to expand the fibre optic network, to cover about 11,000 homes in the central city of Beira, according to a report on Radio Mozambique.

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Mozambique: Pre-Paid Electricity Goes Online

As from the second half of this year, Mozambican consumers will be able to pre-pay for their electricity online.

The pre-payment system, known as Credelec, allows consumers to control how much energy they are using. It eliminates monthly bills, and meter readings, and is thus very convenient for the electricity company, EDM.

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Expresso officially relaunches former Kasapa Telecom network in Ghana

Dubai-based mobile services provider Expresso Telecom reported at the weekend that it has formally launched services in Ghana, after acquiring the network assets of CDMA operator Kasapa Telecom from Hutchison Telecom of Hong Kong back in November 2008. The sale came as part of a wider move by Hutchison to divest certain CDMA-based businesses and concentrate fully on its subsidiaries operating GSM networks globally.

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Third Mobile Phone Licence Awarded in Mozambique

Mozambique's telecommunications regulatory body, the INCM (National Communications Institute of Mozambique), has awarded the country's third mobile phone licence to Movitel, a consortium between the Vietnamese company Vietel, and SPI, the holding company of Mozambique's ruling Frelimo Party.

The tender documents were acquired by 22 companies - but financial bids were only considered by those whose technical bids received a minimum classification of 75. That eliminated all but three of the bidders.

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Mozambique: Government switches new tax from users on to mobile companies

Under a hail of criticism, the Mozambican government has withdrawn its proposal for a new tax on users of mobile phones. On Tuesday, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Paulo Zucula, told reporters that it was not the clients of the mobile phone companies, but the operators themselves, the publicly-owned M-Cel and the local subsidiary of the South African company Vodacom, who were expected to contribute to the new Transport and Communications Development Fund.

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Mozambique: Red Tape to Register Sim Cards

All mobile phone owners in Mozambique (and there are more than six million of them) are expected to fill out registration forms by 15 November, under a government decree passed last week.

Each and every person who has a mobile phone will have to go to an establishment run by the mobile phone operators (the publicly-owned M-Cel or the South African company Vodacom) with some form of identity document and complete a form.

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Mozambique: Vodacom Cuts Internet Prices

Vodacom Mozambique, the local subsidiary of the South African company Vodacom, on Thursday announced reductions, in some cases of over 80 per cent, in its charges for data transmission. According to Vodacom, this will give it the cheapest rates for accessing the Internet via mobile phones that are currently available on the Mozambican market.

Addressing a Maputo press conference, the Vodacom-Mozambique chairperson, Salimo Abdulla, said that the company "is investing in more and better technologies for our clients. We want all Mozambicans to have access to these technologies".

Source: AIM
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