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Kenya: APP That Helps You Confess to Paying a Bribe

Would you publicly come clean you paid a bribe to get a service? Probably not. But an app customized for Kenya is making it easier for citizens to report bribery incidences across the country, anonymously.

I Paid a Bribe (IPaB) is a desktop, mobile web and SMS app that gives Kenyans a platform to share their experiences with bribery. Through a user-friendly interface, a user can post an incident where they had to pay a bribe because a public officer expressly asked for it or a situation where the officer asked for it but they refused to pay the bribe.

Source: CapitalFM Kenya.

Kenya: Script changes in broadcast and film industry

Kenya's broadcast and film industry is set to get a major boost through a government initiative to promote the country's underutilised creative content economy to earn the country more jobs and create wealth. The Creative Content Task Force, an initiative of the Kenya ICT Board, has been formed to spearhead the promotion of the residual capacity and economic potential of the sector.

Source: CapitalFM Kenya.
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