Export of African audiovisual productions: 44,000 euros allocated by the OIF, 3 distributors

Aid recipients - OIF distribution of French-language works from the South:

•    Patou Films International (Cameroon / France): 15,000 euros
•    Holders of Images (Mauritius): 14,000 euros
•    Encounters Short Film Madagascar: 15,000 euros

Source: imagesfrancophones

African film festivals in Italy building momentum

Under an apparent discretion, Italy has a few major festivals devoted to Africa and open to cinema in French: Milan, Verona, Padua, Parma, Trieste. We should add those of Roma, Torino or Asuni (in Sardinia which provides exceptional rétrospective). By subtitling films in Italian, organisers make them win new audiences.
Verona: Africa under the balcony of love

Source: imagesfrancophones
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