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Swedish telecom giant K3 Telecom enters Ghanaian market

Sweden-based global provider of patented technology, K3 Telecom has partnered local telecoms operator Media Ghana Limited, to launch its unique Triple Play services in Ghana.

The partnership will lead to the building of a customised telecommunications network with a unique patented wireless technology. This will enable the company to deliver unmatched internet speed, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephony and quality television content.

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Ghana: Over 7.5 Million Mobile Phone Numbers Face Deactivation

More than 7.5 million mobile phone numbers in Ghana are likely to be deactivated come March 3, 2012, the legally set date by which all SIM cards in country should have been registered.

The latest Summary of Data Verification for the SIM registration, available from the National Communication Authority (NCA), indicates that as at February 6, 2012, 5,580,875 various identity cards presented for SIM registration were rendered invalid.

Source: Joy Online
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