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Liquid Telecom builds a satellite hub in South Africa

Liquid Telecom, an independent data, voice and IP provider which services cellular, wireless and fixed line providers, ISPs, financial institutions and businesses of all sizes in eastern, southern and central Africa, is building a satellite hub at a South African earth station in order to route African traffic in Africa.

By avoiding backhauling traffic via Europe, as many operators need to do, the company is able to reduce inoperativeness and increase connectivity speeds for users.

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A24 Media and NBS News in India partner on content

A24 Media, producer of the long-running pan-African news magazine programme, Africa Journal, has entered into a new partnership with NBS News in India.

An A24 statement reads: "This will bring the finest news coverage from the Indian subcontinent to an emerging Africa with strong economic ties to that region. It will also create an opportunity for Indian broadcasters to access A24 Media's first class coverage of our continent."

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Four South African films at box office

Joining the South African films currently on release at the local box office - Material, Semi-Soet and Ordinary People - is the newbie, A Million Colours, which is a sequel to the 1975 apartheid era classic, e’Lollipop.

A Million Colours released over the weekend of 27 to 29 April with 51 prints and made R229,814.

Ordinary People (19 prints) has been on release for four weeks and has made R2.2m to date.

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Telenovela Inkaba extends reach to Africa

South African local content pay-TV channel Mzansi Magic has announced that the channel’s first telenovela Inkaba is now available to audiences in Sub-Saharan Africa, including countries such as Angola, Botswana, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Mozambique and Uganda.

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LogikMedia’s TV show on top Africa footballers to air across the continent

A television show on how African players live their lives abroad is planned to air across the continent before the World Cup in June. Called Footballers Lives, the show takes viewers into the private homes of the players as they live abroad mostly in Europe.

The exclusive personal access to the top African players means viewers of the show will get to see what the players eat and wear as well as how they live with their families.

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South African agency sells programme format to US

Start of May 2010, in what is believed to be a South African first, living brands agency Stimulii sold a TV format into the American market at the recent MIPTV content market in Cannes, France.

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