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Rwanda: Online Civil Registration Launched

The government has launched online registration of newborns, deaths, marriages and divorces, among others, as a way of consolidating the country's statistics and coming up with timely and accurate figures.

The web-based application to record vital events occurring in the lives of Rwandans is being piloted in Huye District, Southern Province.

The pilot study, launched yesterday, will last three months and it is being championed by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR).

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Rwanda: Banks Urged to Tap Opportunities Presented By Mobile Money Service

Linking mobile money platforms with commercial banks could boost deposits and improve opportunities for the private sector to access credit, experts have said.

Ebenezer Asante, the MTN Rwanda Chief Executive Officer, said the move could also bring down interest rates, making it easier for investors to undertake long-term development projects.

Asante said a lot of money is being pushed using mobile money platforms, arguing that if this cash is channelled through the banking system it would improve the banks' liquidity levels.

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Rwanda: MTN Unveils Insurance Package

A local insurer has taken advantage of opportunities presented by the mobile money transfer service to take insurance services to the masses.

Prime Life Assurance, a life insurance services provider, has partnered with MTN Rwanda in a venture that is expected to benefit mostly the lower market segment. The move is a huge boost to Rwanda's insurance sector, which is grappling with poor levels of policy uptake.

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Rwandapedia Could Not Have Come At a Better Time

There never could have been a better stage to showcase Africa's ICT talent at the just concluded Transform Africa 2013 Summit. And participants did not disappoint.

Africa showed the rest of the world that it can be a hotbed for innovations that fit in perfectly with its environment. Most of the showcased apps were created to override day-to-day problems encountered by millions of Africans and improve their lives.

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Rwanda: Travellers to buy bus tickets using Tigo Cash

People travelling to upcountry destinations are now able to pay their fares using Tigo’s mobile money service, Tigo Cash.

“The facility will help all subscribers registered on the Tigo Cash mobile money service to buy bus tickets using their phones, from anywhere and at anytime of the day,” said Daniel Barrientos, the head of mobile financial services at the telecom service provider at the launch of the service last week.

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Rwanda: Using Mobile Applications to Ease Business Processes

With technological advancement, businesses no longer have to spend huge sums of money on adverts to reach out to clients. ICT firms are now able to build and avail mobile applications to help businesses reduce unnecessary transactions and communication costs.

Innocent Kaneza the CEO of ESICIA, a Kigali-based ICT company, says mobile applications are appealing to most business people since they are cost-effective and can reach many clients faster.

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Rwanda: Bank of Kigali Unveils New Mobile Banking Platform

Bank of Kigali unveiled a new mobile banking solution, mVISA platform yesterday, which will enable customers' to access their accounts from wherever they may be, reports Ben Gasore.

The bank is the pioneer of the mobile phone-based solution that is tipped to promote financial access and inclusion in the country.

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Childrenís laptop project extends to 400 schools

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project has so far covered 407 schools across the country. At least  207,026 laptops have been distributed, according to Nkubito Bakuramutsa, the OLPC Coordinator in Rwanda Education Board.

Bakuramutsa told The New Times yesterday that Rwanda has been ranked third globally after Peru and Uruguay in terms of rolling out laptops in primary schools.

He added that at least all 30 districts have five OLPC-enabled schools.

ìThe project now focuses on seeing each school in all 416 sectors equipped with laptops.î

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Rwanda: ICT On Wheels As Jaguar Buses Get Wi-Fi Internet

A regional bus company has installed Wi-Fi connection on their fleet, an effort officials said will go a long way in upping service delivery to travellers. Jaguar Executive Coaches said the initiative is aimed at responding to the needs of society, and hopes it will give them a competitive edge over other regional bus operators. Jaguar coaches shuttle passengers between Kigali and Kampala in Uganda.

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Firms urged to adopt country’s .rw domain

Local institutions have been urged to adopt the country’s .rw Internet domain to promote local content and enhance their presence online.

Didier Nkurikiyimfura, the ICT director at the Ministry of Youth and ICT, said many institutions and firms, especially the small-and-medium enterprises, do not have an online presence. He encouraged them to take advantage of the local domain and establish themselves on the web.

“Every company can register a domain name to have a website under the .rw domain and a personalised email linked to the domain name,” he said.

Source: The New Times
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