Nigeria: Government Begins Electronic Monitoring of Petroleum Products Distribution

In a bid to stem the large scale fraud associated with the distribution of petroleum products from the major depots to the hinterlands nationwide, the Federal Government commenced the electronic tracking and monitoring of distribution trucks.

About N15 billion is paid annually to petroleum products transporters, for distributing products nationwide, which is billed into every litre of product purchased by consumers.

Source: Vanguard

NCC Seals Up Globacom's Abuja Office in Nigeria

The Abuja office of telecommunication giant, Globacom has been sealed up by the Nigerian Communications Commission [NCC]. It was said that the seal off was necessitated by Globacom's non compliance with telecom guidelines as ordered by the Nigeria Communication Commission.

The NCC officials declared that two letters had been written to Globacom authorities over the company's non compliance with the directive on the ban of sale of activated GSM sim cards to subscribers and the non-compliance with the guidelines on installations of masts and towers.

Source: Vanguard

Nigeria: Local OEMS Worry Over Dominance of Foreign PCs

By the time the just concluded Nigerian Information Technology Exhibition, (NITEX) was drawing to a close last week in Lagos, there were worries among local computer assemblers following growing dominance by foreign PCs brands in the market.

Currently, there is heightening tendency to reject the locally made PCs in favour of the foreign brand as HP and the rest of the offshore brands have remained the toast of many Nigerians.

Source: Vanguard

Nigeria: Over 3,000 Jobs Under Threat as SMEs Tackle MTN to Stay in Business

Concerned Nigerians and families of contractors who claimed to have done jobs for MTN Communications Nigeria Limited, gathered at Folomo roundabout, Awolowo Way, Ikoyi, Lagos, by the Corporate Headquaters of MTN to protest alleged refusal to pay for the services rendered to telecommunications giant.

Source: Vanguard

Nigeria: Builders Scramble for Nation's Second Satellite Contract

Different satellite builders and service providers across the world are at the moment polishing their briefcases ready to storm Nigeria to slug it out for who grabs the contract to build the country's second communications satellite.

Source: Vanguard

Nigerian Communications Commission May Issue More Licences

The Executive Vice Chairman of the telecom regulatory authority, the Nigerian Communications Commission, (NCC) Dr Eugene Juawah in Lagos said that the Commission may issue more licenses if existing telecoms operators are not competing enough to bring down price.

Source: Vanguard

Visafone Acquires Multilinks for N8 Billion

Visafone has further strengthened its market position by acquiring Multilinks Communications Limited's CDMA mobile assets. Multilinks is arguably the oldest mobile phone company in Nigeria, having been operating in the country for over 15 years. Telkom Limited, it was learnt, agreed to sell Multilinks' CDMA business to Visafone Communications Limited for N8.1 billion ($52 million).
Telkom on November 22 said Multilinks has 7,000 kilometres (4,351 miles) of fiber-optic cable, 2,000 kilometres of which is shared with MTN Group Ltd. and Globacom Ltd.

Source: Vanguard

Nigeria: Facebook Introduces New Advertising for Local Brands

Facebook, the world's most visited social media platform, continues to conceive new and innovative advertising platforms, ensuring the best possible results for advertisers the world over, including Nigeria.

Source: Vanguard

Nigeria: Telecoms Infrastructure - IHS Gets N12 Billion From World Bank

The World Bank has provided $79 million - that is, about N11.8 billion - financing for IHS Plc, one of Nigeria's leading telecommunications infrastructure providers, to help it develop mobile phone coverage infrastructure across the country.

The fund, which is coming through International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank, would enhance IHS's efforts to build and acquire mobile phone towers in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa, thereby reducing communications cost across the region.

Source: Vanguard

Nigeria: Regulator NCC says is responsible for Base Station regulation

The Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission Engr. Eugene Ikemefuna Juwah has emphasized the need for cooperation among all the regulatory agencies in the country to ensure interest of government and business operators are not jeopardised.

Engr. Juwah who was a guest to Corporate Vanguard last week said the NCC is the agency that is charged with ensuring that environmental standards are maintained in the setting of masts at base stations.

Source: Vanguard
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