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With the demise of Kenya’s idea for a 4G wholesale network, Olleh Rwanda Networks is the only fully implemented example of this type of model. Although not without its critics, it offers a very different approach to the speedy implementation of a national 4G network. Russell Southwood spoke to its CEO Patrick Yoon about its prospects.


At a press conference held in Paris in early September 2015, Olivier Laouchez, CEO and co-founder of the TRACE group, unveiled the group's strategy and announced the launch of new products, content and services.

TRACE is an entertainment brand that’s now present in 160 countries and specializes in what it calls “urban entertainment”. It’s taken its traditional media channels in pay TV and FM radio and added mobile services and VoD, making it a multi-platform operator.


Over 100 VoD platforms related to Africa and Black culture! (list last updated Aug. 2015)

The new emerging distribution market for the African audiovisual industry is VoD.