Supa Pesa opens up advertising business model revenues for mobile operators – South Africa now, Nigeria and Zambia next

9 December 2016

With a slow but steady shift away from SMS, mobile operators need to be able to offer brand advertisers a wider and richer media offer. South Africa’s Supa Pesa has just launched a product with Cell C that will do this. Russell Southwood spoke to Supa Pesa’s CMO about what the product does and its plans to roll it out elsewhere in Africa. According to Pashley, the new product is “an evolution of the mobile ad units that mobile companies have for text ads”. The advantage of the new product is that “if you have the right device you can…


M-KOPA sells 30,000 solar TVs in Kenya and looks to add Internet access – expanding to Uganda and Tanzania

2 December 2016

A major constraint on the roll-out of wider TV coverage in African countries has been access to electricity. An area might have a terrestrial signal but without grid power it was near on impossible to power a TV. Kenya’s M-KOPA now has a solution: a 16” solar TV which it sells on credit. Russell Southwood spoke to its Chief Commercial Officer Yesse Oenga about how it works. M-KOPA’s 16” TV runs off a solar cell and has an in-built digital decoder that with a GoTV aerial allows it access to 64 TV channels. Inevitably the TV is made in China.…


DTT: Digital Migration In Africa (Excel Summary - July 2016)

DTT in Africa - State of play of the migration to digital terrestrial TV by country  (Please refer to the main DTT report for more details). This report required interviews with over 100 DTT and broadcast experts in and outside of Africa over the past 6 years. Format: Excel tables only These report's files seize a growing and emerging TV content distribution channel across Africa. Report's Key data: April 2016 update: DTT state of play by country in Africa: 1) ASO, 2) DTT launch, 3) pilot, 4) regulation and/or DTT commission set up, 5) no action DTT commissions, DTT players and decision…