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Nigeria chose to follow its path on m-money and has not allowed the mobile operators to become direct market players. The market has taken longer to develop but is beginning to get into its stride. Russell Southwood spoke to Tayo Oviosu, CEO and Founder, Paga about new developments in its service.

There are 21 licensed m-money operators in Nigeria but in practice only three who are operating at scale. A number of these licensed operators are doing niche services: for example, one does collections for an FMCG company.


Five years after the first major Fibre-To-The-Home roll-outs in East Africa, Francophone Africa looks set to be getting its own roll-outs. There have been two announcements, one from a David in Senegal and the other from the French Goliath Bollore. Russell Southwood looks at what’s happening.

At the end of 2011, Senegal’s Peritel TV signed an agreement with the Government and regulators to expand its cable TV operation, which offered 22 channels.


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