Côte Ouest enriches its catalogue for the Anglophone market

Headquartered in Abidjan, Côte Ouest, a leading TV content distributor in Francophone Africa is proud to announce the expansion of its catalogue to include cutting edge African TV content for sale and distribution to the Anglophone market. Côte Ouest has traditionally focused on Hollywood and Latin American productions; the recent sub-distribution partnership with Africa’s largest Pay television station M-Net, provide a unique opportunity for Côte Ouest to celebrate Africa’s rich axis of cultural excellence.

M-Net’s historic African Film Library, is the world’s largest archive of award-winning African cinema, a project of more than 3 years in the making, the African Film Library (AFL) comprises of a vast catalogue of short films, feature films and documentaries from across the continent, available in a variety of languages and includes films by – amongst many others - Senegalese legend Ousmane Sembene (Borom Sarret, La noire de…), Egypt’s Youssef Chahine (Le Destin, Saladin, The 6th Day, The Land and The Sparrow), Senegal’s Djibril Diop Mambéty (Badou Boy, Hyenes, Le Franc and Touki Bouki), Haïlé Gerima, Kwaw Ansah, Flora Gomes, Jean Rouch and Idrissa Ouedragou.

M-Net has spent years of research and has made significant investment in acquiring copyright to key African audio-visual content. The African Film Library also includes popular TV series such as Changes (originally from Kenya), Tinsel (from Nigeria), Egoli (M-Net’s longest running soapie), African documentaries such as ‘Great Africans Series’, TV magazine shows such as “Face of Africa” as well as select Nollywood hits.

Bernard Azria, Côte Ouest’s CEO, after having created the first distribution entity in west and North Africa servicing the large majority of broadcasters of these areas said “we are proud to enrich our offer to English speaking African markets with  more than 1 000 hours of first class African TV  content”.

For more details, contact Côte Ouest - Address: 01 BP 4715 Abidjan 01 Cote d'Ivoire. tel.: (00225) 22 48 76 00 / 75 06. Email: infos@cotewest.com - or visit the website here:

Source: Côte Ouest

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