Puppet satire show ZANews broadcast on TopTV

Fans of the web-based satirical TV puppet show ZA News can tune in on Sunday, 11 September at 9:00 pm on Top One, Top TV’s main TV channel in South Africa.

The weekly slot will feature some of the countries most famous and infamous characters, who will make you laugh (and sometimes cringe) at South Africa’s foibles, its people, its leaders and the country as a whole.

Contemporary puppet based satire shows are by no means a new idea; the British television series ‘Spitting Image’ enjoyed great success during the Conservative ruled era of the 80s and 90s, and the French equivalent ‘Les Guignols’ is still one of the most popular television series in France. Nor is ZA News the only African show of its kind, as Kenya produces ‘The XYZ Show’.

What all of these shows do have in common though is that they are all produced locally for a local audience with puppet caricatures of mostly local politicians, celebrities and the everyman with the aim of holding a mirror to their respective societies so that the audience can look, laugh and learn.

For a sample, click here:

Source: TopTV

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