Despotic regimes continue to obstruct media coverage of revolutions

As well as Muammar Gaddafi’s whereabouts, media attention has dwelled on the abusive treatment that foreign journalists have received. Meanwhile, many Libyan journalists are still missing. They include:

•Mohamed Assahim
•Habib Al-Amin
•Rabi’ Sharir
•Ahmed Al-Kadiki

There is also no information about the current status of Arish Saeed, who was arrested with US journalist Clara Morgana Gillis on 5 April in Brega, and Mohamed Al-Shoueidi, who was arrested at the same time as MBC’s Hassan Zeitouni on 6 April. Atef Al-Atrash, who was kidnapped in February in Benghazi, was freed on 24 August, the day after Tripoli was liberated by the rebels. He was able to contact his family the next day. He had been held in Tripoli by the pro-Gaddafi forces.

Source: RWB

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