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The sports TV segment in Africa is largely under-developed despite several paradoxes; the facts that Africa holds, 1) a very strong sports audience, especially for football games; 2) a large number of TV channels; 3) a pool of talented African sports players active in international games.

Africa Media Management (AMM) and its AfricaXP Channel bouquet addresses content packaging and trading issues in Africa with a game changing business model and a cloud based channel delivery platform. They call it AXP 1.0.

Picture above: Buni TV’s CEO, Marie Lora-Mungai 


Last month, global Swedish broadcast group Modern Times Group AB (MTG) launched a free-to-air channel in Tanzania and has its eyes set on more African countries. Sylvain Béletre, Balancing Act’s broadcast analyst interviewed Joseph Hundah, Executive Vice President of the Group’s African operations to provide an overview of MTG's updated operations in Africa today.

There’s an old saying that the pioneers get the arrows and the settlers get the land. Those countries that sought to be first across the line with the digital transition in broadcasting have – with the exception of Mauritius – all stored up more problems than they have solved. Russell Southwood went to a UCC/APC/WOUGNET sponsored workshop on the transition in Uganda and reports on progress.

2013 wrap up:

 2013 has seen continuous growth in the African audio-visual and broadcast sectors, especially in terms of sophisticated multi-device equipped households - new TV sets, DTT (digital terrestrial TV) box sales, new free-to-air channels and PayTV networks, and the launch of new VoD/OTT services. Balancing Act’s Broadcast Analyst Sylvain Beletre looks back at 2013 and asks industry figures to give their predictions for 2014.


There are now over 1500 TV channels broadcast via satellite over Africa. African TV channels are expanding their footprint in and outside of Africa to increase their audience. Viewsat has been one of the key broadcast and transmission operators and Sylvain Béletre, Balancing Act interviewed Awaes Jaswal, CEO and Safia Rana, Head of Sales and Marketing, ViewSat.


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2013 has been a mixed bag for the broadcast sector in Africa. The continent’s private broadcasters in most countries seem strangely detached from the coming mayhem to be wrought by the digital transition. It’s something that’s happening to them rather than something they are making happen.

Despite the seemingly unassailable position of DStv in the pay TV market in Sub Saharan Africa, challengers keep coming forward to take them on. The latest challenger is AzamTV from Tanzania that has ambitious plans to launch itself across the continent. Sylvain Beletre talked to its CEO Rhys Torrington about what its got planned.

In the last issue we highlighted the rumours circulating about the launch of VoD services by two large operators. In the event, both continue to move forward but neither was ready for a public launch. Sylvain Beletre looks at a major operator already doing VoD below the radar and asks: Are African telcos ready to launch VoD in the short term?