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Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no 2038 20 May 2016

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    The Zanzibar International Film Festival has announced the final film selection for this year’s event, taking place from July 9th -17th 2016. With a record 490 films submitted from 32 countries, this year’s competition promises to be the most exciting to date.

    The ZIFF panel have selected 80 films to compete under 5 different jury categories; 59 General Competition, 15 Sembene Ousmane; 12 Bongo movies, and 6 films in this year’s newest jury category, The Emerson of Zanzibar Award recognizing films about Zanzibar’s culture and history.

    The last competition for Music Video production will also take place this year with videos nominated for competition will be revealed at end of May being shown during the plenary sessions of ZIFF in the Old Fort Amphitheatre.

    One of the most exciting developments in this year’s selection is the substantial increase in the quantity and quality of films from Tanzania with the greatest number of entries from Tanzania ever received. Over 40 films were received for competition and this year we have 4 films from Tanzania competing in the Sembene Ousmane Competition. All of East Africa features strongly in this year’s selection with five from Kenya, and three from Uganda, and two from Rwanda.

    In 2016, three World Premieres will take place, with the screening of three films funded by ZIFF and GIZ (German Development Cooperation Agency) through the Sembene Ousmane award. The three 2015 winners who were each given $2000 to produce a new film will premiere their new films in this year’s competition.

     ZIFF’s global reach continues to expand with films from Estonia and Albania make their first appearance at ZIFF in addition to films from Bangladesh, Finland, South Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, Bermuda among others.

    ZIFF continues its commitment to film development and education with the announcement of two film workshops during the festival. The first workshop on Cinematography will be run by Barry Bravermann, an official tester of many film equipment producing companies such as Panasonic and Sony. The workshop will focus on how to get the best out of the Canon D5 camera but also work on visual storytelling.

     Another workshop, sponsored by the Goethe Institute in Dar es Salaam, is and Animation Workshop that will focus on enhancing skills of young Tanzanian artists. 15 students from secondary and high schools will be especially selected and trained with the aim of encouraging new skills for school leavers. The arts do employ many school leavers and ZIFF has been joined by Goethe Institute to enhance employment and professionalism in the arts through this type of training..

    For full details and costs on the workshop please visit the ZIFF website.

    The full list of films selected for ZIFF 2016 can also be found on the website. Also make sure to like us on Facebook:

  • As from 30 June 2016, the entertainment channel Glow TV will no longer be available on media platforms. The channel would like to thank its valued viewers, advertisers and the satellite platforms for their support since its inception.

    Glow TV, which brings viewers eastern-inspired programming across various genres, was launched by Kagiso Media in October 2013 and brought Indian soapies and dramas to viewers across Southern Africa. The channel is part of the Urban Brew Studios (UBS) stable which also includes [ED], Dumisa and One Gospel.  Glow has been available on the DStv platform, OpenView HD and StarSat. 

    Urban Brew Studios CEO Trish Taylor said the current economic climate and the higher cost of programming contributed to the decision to close the channel. “Glow viewers have been supportive, loyal and dedicated. They are the ones most affected by our decision. We thank our valued viewers, advertisers and the satellite platforms for their amazing support of Glow TV over the past two and a half years,” said Taylor.

    Kagiso Media Group CEO Mark Harris explained that while this decision was not an easy one, it is in the best interest of the broader group, “We are in the business of making great television but we also have to make sure that the business models associated with channels and programming work for the broader group.”

    Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer Omar Essack added, “We will continue to produce and supply our viewers and media partners with the best content and formats available, not just in Africa but across a global footprint.”

    One of the biggest production studios in Africa, UBS produces much-loved programmes across all genres including youth, entertainment, factual, drama series and Telenovelas. Flagship shows include YOTV, Gold Diggers and Live AMP to name a few.
    Source: Company Press Release

  • One of the world’s most prestigious and essential events for the film industry, the Cannes Film Festival, will open in Cannes, south of France on May 11. The usual ten-day long festival which is in its 69th edition and which attracts over half a million people – mainly tourists, filmmakers, financiers and journalists is certainly the world’s biggest and well attended filmic feast. People and movie producing nations always desire to be in Cannes every year because of the immense benefits derivable from participating in such a big feast. For countries, the festival and others such as Berlinale, Toronto International Film Festival, Sundance International Film Festival, FESPACO in Burkina Faso and the Nigerian based African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) provide them ample opportunity to showcase their finest cinematic output and potentials.

    Countries like India, Kenya, South Africa and Morocco have always exploited their participation in Cannes for the benefit of their filmmakers and respective industries. On yearly basis, they mount huge pavilions at the International Village in Cannes, which feature their countries finest cinematic outputs including films, locations, production facilities and networking sessions for filmmakers who are usually sponsored to Cannes as delegates.

    Nigeria through the Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC) has a history of participation in Cannes. The NFC under the leadership of the former Managing Director, Afolabi Adesanya had an unbroken participation at Cannes from 2006 to 2010 but missed out in the 2011 owning to the lack of funds and other editions afterwards. Although Nigeria has always participated without a film, either in or out of competition, officials of the NFC have always returned with their note pads filled with enquiries from foreign filmmakers and investors about production and co-production opportunities in Nollywood as the Nigerian movie industry is roundly dubbed.

    But Nigeria will not be in Cannes this year and the NFC has not offered any satisfactory reason on why the corporation has failed to attend the prestigious festival since Dr. Danjuma Dadu succeeded Afolabi Adesanya in 2012, as Managing Director. The current leadership of the NFC has always blamed it on the ‘lack of funds’ but observers say the inability of the NFC to get the industry to be part of such prestigious movie meets has a lot to do with the inability of the leadership to convince government about the desirability of attending such filmic events. “If they are able to convince government as the former MD Afolabi (Adesanya) did in the years when he was MD, there is no way government will not provide for it in the budget,’’ a notable filmmaker and a member of the moribund advisory committee set up by Dadu on his assumption of office in 2012 said. “I don’t think the current MD has it as a priority and I don’t think he considers it desirable,’’ he added.

    Read more here:

    Source: The Guardian

  • This year’s edition of the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF), taking place from 16 to 26 June 2016, once more features a very strong selection of African titles.

    With just under half of all the films originating from Africa and South Africa, and much of the rest of the programme dealing with diasporic issues and identity politics, this year’s DIFF is a true festival of African film located within a global context.

    Of the 101 feature-length films to be shown at the festival, 50 are African films, including 17 fiction films and 9 documentaries, while there are 24 South African films, including ten fiction films and 14 documentaries. Additionally, the festival’s programme will include more than 90 short films, the majority of which are African and South African.

    Now in its 37th year, DIFF is the continent’s leading showcase of African film, while also providing a strong programme of world cinema for local audiences, featuring the kind of titles that would otherwise not get a showing on commercial screens in South Africa. Key titles from the continent’s ever-expanding film industry include As I Open My Eyes, a powerful personal tale told on the eve of Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution; Naked Reality, the latest film from provocative filmmaker Jean-Pierre Bekolo; Nakom, a haunting film about the conflict between tradition, modernity and love; Ghostland, about the loss of language and identity of indigenous Nambian people; and I Shot Bi Kidude, the long awaited feature film about African musical legend Bi Kidude.

    As well as the strong African Focus, other key areas include a focus on issues around indigenous rights and colonialism, a small programme of films that deal with HIV (given the fact that the World Aids Conference will be taking place in Durban two weeks after the festival ends), and a rich programme of films about dance and music. There is a country focus on Dutch cinema, in recognition of the Dutch-South African co-production treaty, as well as a focus on Portuguese-language African film in partnership with Tri Continental Film Festival.

    “A festival such as the DIFF takes many years to build and grow, and involves the hard work of countless people,” said Machen. “We are pleased that one of the world’s leading showcases of African and global film will have a number of new venues this year, including the Playhouse, NuMetro Pavilion and various community centres around Durban, all of which will bring the festival to a greater and more diverse number of people,” says Machen.

    The full programme will be announced in the coming weeks. “Durbanites can look forward to another exciting and eclectic selection of films,” said Machen.

    For more information visit the DIFF website.

  • AFDA (The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance) is proud to announce the candidature of the AFDA Johannesburg 3rd year animation third year film “Swart Skaap” for the 43rd Student Academy Awards.

    The Student Academy Awards will be including a Foreign Animation category for the first time which means that “Swart Skaap” is one of the first ever African animation film candidates nominated for an Oscar. The winners, in addition to receiving a cash grant, will be flown to Los Angeles to participate in the various industry- related activities for the Student Academy Awards week, culminating in the awards ceremony on Thursday, September 22nd, 2016. The winners will also automatically qualify for the Academy Awards in their respective short film categories.

    “We are pretty excited about this new adventure that the film is embarking on. Swart Skaap has done really well so far and it just keeps getting more attention.  We are really honoured that AFDA nominated us for this opportunity. It’s great to know that all the hard work put in by our team and the many sleepless nights have paid off. As this is the first Student Oscars to accept animations, this was an incredible and unexpected surprise to us, and we are just really excited to see where it takes us. Another amazing thing is that message of our film is reaching more people, as we all should understand that it is OK to be different…to be a Swart Skaap!” say Eileen van Aswegan and Nadia Rabim the directors and writers of “Swart Skaap”.

     AFDA have won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2006 with the film “Elaleni”, directed by Tristan Holmes and the film “Kanye Kanye” directed by Miklas Manneke was finalist for Best Foreign Film in 2013.

    The Academy established the Student Academy Awards in 1972 to support and encourage excellence in filmmaking at the collegiate level. Past Student Academy Award winners have gone on to receive 46 Oscar nominations and have won or shared eight awards. They include John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Robert Zemeckis, Trey Parker and Spike Lee.
    Source: The Callsheet 18 May 2016

  • The president of this year's AMAA jury, Shaibu Husseini, announced the nominations in 26 categories at a media event in Lagos.

    According to Husseini, AMAA received over 420 films from filmmakers across 25 African countries of which 250 feature films and eight short films were nominated by the jury.

    However, competing for the best film slot are Dry (Nigeria), Ayanda (South Africa), Tell Me Sweet Something (South Africa), The Cursed One (Ghana), Fifty (Nigeria), Eye of the Storm (Burkina Faso), La Pagne (Niger) and Behind Closed Doors (Morocco).

    On 14 May, 2016 Mr Shaibu Hussein announced the AMAA 2016 Nominations in Ikeja Lagos. The Board of Jurors will meet in June 2016 to decide winners of each category.


    1. Encounter - Nigeria

    2. Le Chemin - Cote De Voire

    3. Blood Taxi - Nigeria

    4. Meet The Parents - Nigeria/Canada

    5. Nourah The Holy Light - Burkina Faso

    6. Ireti - Nigeria

    7. Life of a Nigerian Couple - Nigeria


    1. The Pencil - Burkina Faso

    2. The Peculiar Life of a Spider - Ghana

    3. Funsie Fast Fingers - Nigeria

    4. Lazare Sie Pale - Burkina Faso


    1, My Fathers Funeral - Cameroon

    2. Nollywood - Nigeria

    3. Tchindas- Cape Verde

    4. The Fruitless Tree - Niger

    5. Runs I too Seek The Horizon' - Nigeria/UK

    6. Camera/Woman - Morocco


    1. Brotherhood Eye - Mali

    2. Bala Bala Sese - Uganda

    3. Missing God - Nigeria

    4. Cursed Treasure - Ghana

    5. Wako - Uganda

    6. Daggers of Life (Agbe Fe Akumehewo) - Ghana


    1. Lambadina - Ethiopia/USA

    2. Skinned - Liberia/USA

    3. LAPD African Cop - USA/Nigeria

    4. Boxing Day - USA/Nigeria

    5. MONA - Nigeria/UK


    1. Lines - USA

    2. Raptors - USA

    3. Across The Track - USA


    1. Can You Dig This- USA

    2. America's Blues - USA

    3. Spirits of Rebellion - USA


    1. America Is Still the Place - USA

    2. Ben & Ara - USA

    3. Luv Don't Live Here - USA


    1. The Cursed One - Ghana

    2. Soldiers Story - Nigeria

    3. Ayanda- South Africa

    4. Missing God - Nigeria

    5. Out of Luck- Nigeria


    1. Eye of the storm

    2. Oshimiri

    3. The Cursed One

    4. Ayanda

    5. Soldiers Story


    1. Oshimiri

    2. The Cursed One

    3. Missing God

    4. Soldiers Story


    1. O-Town - Nigeria

    2. Tell Me Sweet Something - South Africa

    3. The Cursed One - Ghana

    4. Hear me Move - South Africa

    5. Le Pagne- Niger


    1. Hear me Move - South Africa

    2. Oshimiri - Nigeria

    3. Stupid Movie - Nigeria

    4. House Arrest - Uganda

    5. Soldiers Story - Nigeria


    1. Eye of the Storm- Burkina Faso

    2. Fifty - Nigeria

    3. The Cursed One - Ghana

    4. Behind Closed Doors - Morocco

    5. Falling - Nigeria

    6. Rebecca- Ghana


    1. The Cursed one

    2. Eye of the Storm

    3. Ayanda

    4. Tell me Sweet Something

    5. Fifty


    1. Behind Closed Doors

    2. Rebecca

    3. The Cursed One

    4. Eye of the Storm

    5. Hear me Move


    1. The Cursed One

    2. Tell me Sweet Something

    3. The Visit

    4. Eye of the Storm

    5. Beyond Blood


    1. Beyond Blood

    2. Dry

    3. Fifty

    4. Missing God

    5. Falling

    6. O'Town


    1. Nyanso Dzedze - Hear Me Move

    2. Ophelia Klenam Dzidzornu - The Cursed One

    3. Zubaidat Ibrahim Fagge - Dry

    4. Ifu Ennada - O'Town

    5. Eve Esin - Oshimiri


    1. Joseph Otsiman - The Cursed One

    2. Uti Nwachukwu - Breathless

    3. Abidine Dioari - Eye of the Storm

    4. Odunlade Adekola - Taxi Driver

    5. Kenneth Nkosi - Ayanda

    6. Thomas Gumede- Tell Me Sweet Something


    1. Thishiwe Ziqubu - Tell me Sweet Something

    2. Maureen Okpoko - Missing God

    3. Ijeoma Grace Agu - Jimi Bendel/ Taxi Driver

    4. Bontte Modiselle - Hear Me Move

    5. Nthati Moshesh - Ayanda

    6. Linda Ejiofor- Out of Luck


    1. Oris Erhuero - The Cursed One

    2. OC Ukeje - Ayanda

    3. Fragass Assande - Eye of the Storm

    4. Masego Maps' Maponyane - Tell me Sweet Something

    5. Daniel k. Daniel - Soldiers Story

    6. Biuferi Yakoubi - La Pagne


    1. Zineb Odeib - Behind Closed Doors

    2. Adesua Etomi- Falling

    3. Fulu Mugovhani - Ayanda

    4. Maimouna N'Daiye - Eye of the Storm

    5. Iretiola Doyle, Dakore Egbuson, Nse Ikpe Etim, Omoni Oboli - Fifty

    6. Nomzamo Mbatha - Tell me Sweet Something


    1. MONA - Anthony Abuah

    2. Beyond Blood - Greg Odutayo

    3. 8 Bars and A Clef- Chioma Onyenwe


    1. Nana Obiri-Yeboah- The Cursed One

    2. Biyi Bandele- Fifty

    3. Sekou Toure- Eye of the Storm

    4. Sara Blecher- Ayanda

    5. Moussa Hamadou Djingarey- La Pagne

    6. Stephanie Linus - Dry

    7. Akin Omotoso - Tell me Sweet Something

    8. Mohammed Ahed Bensouda - Behind Closed Doors


    1. The Cursed One - Ghana

    2. Fifty - Nigeria

    3. Eye of the Storm - Burkina Faso

    4. Ayanda - South Africa

    5. La Pagne- Niger

    6. Dry – Nigeria
    Source: Filmcontact

  • MultiChoice is considering pulling the plug on the Gupta-owned ANN7 news channel, which would add to the growing list of companies that have cut ties with the controversial family. The Sunday Times reported that MultiChoice said it was disinclined to renew ANN7' s contract, citing viewer complaints as the primary reason.

    Complaints apparently included a lack of consistency in programming, no communication on news anchor changes and widespread mistakes
    Source: CS Talking

  • As a first generation Ethiopian-American, Nathan Araya, the director of a new documentary The Diaspora Journal, felt his adolescence was awkwardly positioned in the middle of two cultures. Neither fully Ethiopian nor fully American, he struggled coming to grips with his identity. In the documentary, Araya travels to Ethiopia in an attempt to bridge that gap.

    In The Diaspora Journal, a film that Araya says it took him 30 years, or his whole life, to make, he finds himself in the bustling and rapidly growing capital Addis Ababa. Araya takes an immersive approach into finding out and experiencing the country by working as a taxi cab driver assistant and shoe shiner.
    Read the full story and watch the trailer here: Okayafrica International 18 May 2016

  • Several resignations and a dramatic standoff over the opening-night film have made one of Africa’s most important film festivals the talk of the industry, reports Charl Blignaut

    ‘I am not able to comment, but I have left my position at the film festival,” Sarah Dawson, manager of the prestigious Durban International Film Festival (Diff) said this week.

    Several insiders who do not wish to be named for fear of jeopardising their projects or jobs have, however, told City Press of the drama that played out at the Diff offices at the Centre for Creative Arts (CCA) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZ-N) this week.

    The university runs Diff as well as three other yearly festivals – for books, poetry and dance.

    Dawson resigned, they say, over the selection of the important opening night film at Diff next month, but it also runs deeper than that.

    In five years, the festival has had five bosses and complaints of interference from the university have been raised before – not to mention state interference when the 2013 opening film, Of Good Report, was effectively banned when the Film and Publication Board refused to classify it. The ruling was later overturned.

    Insiders say that Dawson, after much debate with the selection panel, decided against an opening-night screening for the big-budget Shepherds and Butchers, a death-penalty drama set in the apartheid era.

    The film, directed by award-winning South African Oliver Schmitz, plays out in 1987. It is told through the eyes of a teenage prison guard who must stand trial after he snaps and commits murder after witnessing too many executions.

    It premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year to mixed reviews, but scooped the third place of the Panorama Audience Award for Fiction Films.

    City Press has reliably learnt that Dawson communicated with producer Anant Singh’s company, Videovision, that the film was to have a special gala screening – but not on opening night. One of her concerns, they say, was the violence in the film.

    But Singh was not happy with the decision and objected. Contacted by City Press, he said: “I engaged with Ms Dawson to raise my concerns, as I felt it wrong that whilst she commended the film, she was playing the role of censor.”

    Sources say he copied the head of the CCA, UKZ-N Deputy Vice-Chancellor Humanities, Professor Cheryl Potgieter, into the mail – though he denies addressing the mail to her.

    Potgieter allegedly replied with an apology, and overruled Dawson, saying that Shepherds and Butchers would in fact be the opening film this year.

    Colleagues say Dawson resigned because of what she saw as interference.

    All she would tell City Press was: “I feel that it is important to ensure that Diff remains a festival in which the opportunity for new cinematic voices to find a platform exists.” Sources doubted that Potgieter had seen the film she had selected, but Potgieter did not reply to questions about this.

    Instead, the university’s executive director of corporate relations, Lesiba Seshoka, said: “The film was chosen because it seeks to educate; is a relevant reflection on South African history; and deals with the socially relevant and contested issue of the death penalty and its effects and consequences.

    “The film is also a commemoration of the thousands of people who were victims of the death penalty instituted by the apartheid government. It is a proudly South African film.

    “In addition, the Film and Publications Board has officially classified the film with a rating of 16V, making it suitable for viewers over the age of 16. In this light, it is unclear why Ms Sarah Dawson found the film to be inappropriate or unsuitable for the opening night of the film festival.”

    But that was just the start of the drama. Jack Chiang, key programmer at Diff for 10 years, resigned on Facebook on Thursday night, apparently in solidarity with Dawson. Read the full story in News24 here:


  • FremantleMedia International (FMI) and Genesis Studios have announced a partnership to bring a local version of the classic game show format The Price is Right to Nigeria. The deal will see Genesis Studios produce three series of the show, taking the total number of adaptations of the format to 41 versions worldwide.

    “After the huge success of Idols, Got Talent and The X Factor in Nigeria, we have high hopes for The Price is Right and we are looking forward to working with Genesis Studios to bring our heritage format to life. The Price is Right continuing to be hot property. The legendary US version is now into its 44th season and is still attracting huge audiences, just last year each episode averaged 5.4 million viewers per episode, making it the number one daytime show on CBS”, said Anahita Kheder, SVP Middle East, Africa and South Eastern Europe at FremantleMedia
    Source: Press Release

  • Continental Broadcasting Service (CBS), owners of TVC recently announced the launch of two of its channels on DStv and GOtv, aimed at showcasing the African culture and telling the African story to the entire world.

    The focus, according to the company, is to tell the ‘Good’, the ‘Bad’ and the ‘Ugly’ sides of African story in order to portray Africa just as it is, which will help the western world understand the true state of Africa. The essence is also to correct the negative perceptions against Africa.

    TVC says it is commitment towards the democratisation of information, and will allow Africans tell their stories from the African perspective on the DStv and GOtv platforms.

    Following the launch, which was announced at a press conference in Lagos last week, TVC News Nigeria is now available on DStv channel 418 and GOtv channel 45, while TVC Entertainment is on GOtv channel 27.

    Announcing the launch, the Chief Executive Officer, CBS, Mr. Nigel Parsons disclosed that with the launch of the channels, CBS is on a momentous step to deepening its penetration and reach across Africa. Partnering with MultiChoice Africa reinforces TVC’s vision of being the continent’s first truly pan-African 24-hour news station, 24-hour Nigeria-centric news channel and 24/7 entertainment channel.

    The Managing Director of MultiChoice Nigeria, John Ugbe, welcomed the addition of homegrown channels on the DStv and GOtv platforms, which he believes both play a pivotal role in showcasing the channels’ rich content to the rest of Africa. “We are deeply committed to Africa and support the growth of original African programming. The collaboration with Continental Broadcasting Service will complement and expand our range of quality local content on our platforms,” he said.
    According to him, TVC would focus on News and Programmes that are tailored towards the African rich cultural heritage, believes, and lifestyles.
    Source: This Day Life 16 May 2016

    The comedy written by Marina NIAVA and produced by CÔTE OUEST "LES CHOCOS EN VACANCES" is in its production phase with the filming of the pilot episode in Abidjan. This series, offered in pre-sales, is a comedy targeting audiences from 15 to 20 years. It deals with a group of friends’ adventures in Abidjan where they gathered, determined to spend the best holydays of their lives. But obviously things will not happen the way they have expected.

    After working with the International Organization of Francophonie (OIF) to bring in the distribution network nearly 200 hours of audiovisual production from Francophone Africa which were left in forgetfulness, CÔTE OUEST, with the aim of achieving its mission will package these works in a programming film club type and search a patron able to finance the broadcasting of the productions on African channels enabling the African audience to discover or rediscover some of its cultural heritage.

    Cote Ouest got from YOBO STUDIOS, a company run by the talented Angela AQUEREBURU and Jean-Luc RABATEL, the production of a series called HOSPITAL IT, drama comedy describing the life of a pair of classic and traditional doctors in a clinic located in an African city. The Filming program will last from August to October, and the program will be available for broadcasting from January 2017.

    The famous Ivorian You Tuber Amany also called OBSERVATEUR joined the Studio CO2 www.studioCO2.tv, created in November 2016 by CÔTE OUEST. Locally famous for his videos dealing with current issues, the "Baoule" comedian recently made the buzz on the net with his response to the jihadists following the terrorist attack on the beach in Grand-Bassam in CÔTE D’IVOIRE and by then retained the attention of the European media
    He joins the Côte Ouest incubator talents for a broadcast called "à sa sauce ". He will be the special guest of the show "Touche Pas à Mon Poste" presented by Cyril Hanouna, on Thursday, April 7, 2016.

    Regarding the growing success of Turkish soap operas, and considering the fragmentation of audiences in particular linked to the emergence of channels in vernacular language, Côte Ouest initiated an experience never fulfilled, which consists in doubling a Turkish soap opera in five languages. It’s the case of ‘’Tree of Life", a series with a great success in Turkey whose dubbing in English, French, Arabic, has been already been initiated, while the Portuguese, and Yoruba are in preparation.

    Following the 2016 edition of MIPTV, held from 4 to 7 April 2016, Côte Ouest announced the future broadcasting of the Angolan Telenovela "Jikulumessu" on channel A + from Canal group. Indeed, after the great success of Windeck (from the same producer Semba comunicação) A + decided to repeat the experience by acquiring the broadcasting copyright of "Jikulumessu" Telenovela nominated for International Emmy Awards in 2015. The quality and the pitch are even more poignant than its predecessor.
    Source: Press Release

  • Hartiwood Films and Deepend Films have acquired the film and documentary rights from Pan Macmillan South Africa to Mandy Wiener and Barry Bateman’s best-selling book Behind the Door, on which the documentary will be based. Wiener and Bateman will also collaborate with the filmmakers on the documentary, providing their unique insight into the tragedy.

    “Having reported on the Oscar Pistorius trial for EWN and international news outlets, Mandy Wiener and Barry Bateman, the first journalist on the scene of the shooting, are ideally positioned to guide us in the telling of this story,” said Paul Kruger. “While their book will form the factual basis for the documentary, our intention is to examine the personalities involved in a holistic way to try to understand what led to the tragedy.”

    The producers have secured exclusive interviews for the content, but will reach out to all parties in an effort to humanise all of those involved. “Our objective is not to re-examine the facts presented at trial, but rather to work backwards and examine the last seven months of their lives and the choices they made during that time,” said Paulene Abrey. “The more we delve into this period, the greater the number of irregularities we find in the choices that both of them made.”

    Shooting on the documentary will commence in the second half of 2016.
    Read the full story here:

    Source: Screen Africa


  • ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates, May 11, 2016/ -- UAE-based satellite operator, Yahsat, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tele10 Group, the regional broadcast and internet service provider, to discuss collaborations for improving internet connectivity in Rwanda, Burundi and East Democratic Republic of the Congo. The MoU comes ahead of Yahsat taking delivery of its third satellite, Al Yah 3.

    The launch of Yahsat’s upcoming satellite will see the roll out of YahClick, the company’s cost-effective satellite broadband service, to 19 new markets in Africa during the first half of 2017. YahClick, delivered through a modem and small satellite dish, is currently the number one satellite broadband service in Africa, providing subscribers access to uninterrupted, high-speed internet anywhere in the coverage area with in-country technical, operational, and customer care services. As Yahsat works towards expanding its coverage area across the African continent, the company is in talks with local service providers to reinforce the presence of YahClick and strengthen its customer care.

    Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PrJSC, “Yahsat”.

  • ShowMax has officially launched its internet TV services to 36 countries across sub-Saharan Africa. The company originally launched in August 2015 with the largest subscription video-on-demand (VOD) catalogue on the continent.

    The sub-Saharan service costs US$7.99 per month for unlimited viewing. The catalogue includes approximately fifteen thousand TV show episodes and movies, totalling almost ten thousand hours of viewing. The service includes a Kiswahili language section and a Nollywood section, as well as an African film section that pulls together classic movies from across the continent.

    Barron Ernst, chief product officer for ShowMax commented: The speed and cost of connectivity are significant hurdles for any internet-based service in Africa. Getting it right means you ve got to do much more than just flick a switch.

    We ve been busy testing the service in key locations across the continent and optimising our delivery network. Perhaps more importantly, we ve adapted our apps to address the needs of consumers in Africa, introducing features like downloads for viewing TV shows and movies when not connected.

    The product features developed by ShowMax to address connectivity constraints include:

    Adaptive bitrate streaming that monitors connection speeds and automatically adjusts video stream resolution to avoid buffering

    Download functionality to save up to 25 TV shows and movies in total to Android and iOS smartphones and tablets for viewing offline

    User-selectable download quality to limit data usage

    User-selectable streaming quality to limit data usage

    Automatic size reduction of static pictures delivered to mobile devices

    The other key to success is making sure you ve got the right mix of international and local content. We ve added Kiswahili and Nollywood shows and movies to our existing class-leading catalogue of Hollywood and British favourites, said Ernst.
    Source: Press Release

technology & convergence

  • SES will be providing the space segment and specific platform services for the DTH service which will be used to feed the DTT transmitters around the country - a Hybrid DTH/DTT solution. Using teleport services provided by SES local teleport partner CWG, the channels are aggregated from all over Nigeria by way of microwave, fibre, IP or satellite, and then multiplexed before uplink to the ASTRA-2F satellite at 28.2 degrees East.

    SES has signed a multi-year agreement with Cable Channels Nigeria Ltd. (CCNL) to provide a strategic, reliable and stable video platform, via SES's prime orbital position 28.2 degrees East, for the provision of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and Direct to Home (DTH) broadcast platforms in Nigeria. SES will utilise teleport services provided by its local partner Computer Warehouse Group Plc. (CWG).

    CCNL, a company licensed by the Nigeria National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), is the certified content aggregator and platform owner for the free-to-air DTT and DTH platforms in Nigeria, and is playing a key role in the Nigeria Digital Switchover (DSO) process by getting channels onto the land-based DTT network and onto satellite as DTH, both offered under the brand FreeTV.
    Read the full story here:

    Source: Space Daily

  • Two teams from Lagos have today been selected to pilot a unique digital idea they have developed to help the BBC reach young African audiences. The teams: Codulab, a small company based in Lagos, and a collaborative team of Nigerian innovators (Team Timerail), have been chosen for the next stage of the digital innovation programme from BBC Connected Studio and the BBC World Service.

    In January this year, a briefing session for 100 people within the tech community of Lagos was held in partnership with the Co-Creation Hub and was streamed live online. The brief for teams was to reach the growing mobile audiences in Nigeria with an innovative digital idea and special workshops with digital experts were held to further help potential entrants. Submitted ideas were then scored and shortlisted by a judging panel, these shortlisted teams were asked to submit a further detailed plan and undergo a Q&A session with BBC experts.

    Following this period, the judges then selected two of the four shortlisted ideas to be taken forward and built into pilots throughout the year.

    The collaborations form part of the BBC’s objective of increasing its global reach to 500 million by 2020. Previously launched briefs in Nairobi, Kenya and Cape Town, South Africa have successfully seen two pilots developed.

    Further details on the pilots will be announced later this year. They will include innovation surrounding chat bots and connecting to audiences through instant messaging as well as structured journalism and connected storytelling.

    Read the full story here:


  • Durban International Film Festival

    Africa’s premier film event, the Durban International Film Festival, which is hosted by the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts, presents its 37th edition from 16 to 26 June, 2016, in the east coast city of Durban, South Africa.

    Arguably the continent’s biggest film event, which attracts both film-lovers and industry representatives from across Africa and beyond, the DIFF is a ten day celebration of world class cinema which screens new feature, documentary and short films from around the globe with a special focus on African film.

    The festival also includes the Wavescape Surf Film Festival as well as important industry initiatives featuring a programme of seminars and workshops with notable industry figures, the 8th Talents Durban (in cooperation with the Berlinale Talents) and the 6th Durban FilmMart co-production market (in partnership with the Durban Film Office).

    The festival is a hub for the African film industry and is an unmissable date for both industry representatives and lovers of film.

    We are very busy getting ready for DIFF 2016. The 37th edition will be better than ever, so please check back for more information over the coming weeks. The full programme will be announced on the 27th May 2016.


    Quoting notable nigerian filmmaker Kunle Afolayan, "film festivals help to increase the mileage and patronage of our local movies in the global village and they allow movie aficionados to converge and have one to one interactions, which give room for synergy, co-productions and collaborations.’’(1)

    The Cannes festival and others such as Berlinale, Toronto International Film Festival, Sundance International Film Festival (USA), FESPACO in Burkina Faso and the Nigerian based African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) provide African film producers ample opportunity to showcase their finest cinematic output and potentials.

    The two Discop Africa (in Johanesburg and Abidjan) and MIPTV/MIPcom are the main markets for TV programme sales.

    The Loeries and Cristal are dedicated to advertising mainly.

    Note: This list is not exhaustive, and there is almost one african film festival per year in key countries around the World: in large African countries, the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, etc.

    To advertise your event on this section, please ontact us. You can also rent a banner space.



    31 May to 2 June 2016
    Discop Africa Abidjan 2016

    Sofitel Hotel Ivoire , Abidjan , Ivory Coast
    The TV Market dedicated to francophone Africa: Not to be missed! The largest market in Francophone Africa to buy and sell TV programmes. A creative forum for television programmes, TV channels, industry trends, broadcast technologies and other hot audiovisual topics - more than 500 delegates expected, with conferences, debates, round tables, floor trade stands, networking and much more.

    2-5 June 2016
    Nollywood Week Film Festival

    Paris, France. The place to go re. Nollywood and African films in Francophone Africa. The best festival for Nollywood films in French! Actors, filmakers, distributeurs attend it.

    16-26 June 2016
    Durban International Film Festival (DIFF)

    Africa’s premier film event, the Durban International Film Festival, which is hosted by the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts, presents its 37th edition from 16 to 26 June, 2016, in the east coast city of Durban, South Africa.
    Arguably the continent’s biggest film event, which attracts both film-lovers and industry representatives from across Africa and beyond, the DIFF is a ten day celebration of world class cinema which screens new feature, documentary and short films from around the globe with a special focus on African film. The festival also includes the Wavescape Surf Film Festival as well as important industry initiatives featuring a programme of seminars and workshops with notable industry figures, the 8th Talents Durban (in cooperation with the Berlinale Talents) and the 6th Durban FilmMart co-production market (in partnership with the Durban Film Office).
    The festival is a hub for the African film industry and is an unmissable date for both industry representatives and lovers of film.
    We are very busy getting ready for DIFF 2016. The 37th edition will be better than ever, so please check back for more information over the coming weeks. The full programme


    July 2016 : Championnat d'Europe de football 2016

    Aug. 2016 : The Rio 2016 Olympics (5-21 Aug) and Paralympics (7-18 Sep)


    15-21 August 2016
    Durban - South Africa
    The Loeries® are the biggest industry gathering in Africa Middle East that recognises, rewards, inspires and fosters creative excellence in the brand communication space. As the highest accolade in the region, the Loeries focus on rewarding creativity, innovation and relevance across all spheres of brand communication from traditional advertising, architecture to music videos or even service design. 

    30 September to 2 October 2016 (date tbc)

    African Cristal Festival
    In a region undergoing such tremendous changes and where brands are becoming an essential part of the African identity, the African Cristal stands as the first Summit for Media & Communications dedicated to the African continent. This event aims to bring together the entire media & communication industry to network and to promote regional culture through dedicated competitions, conferences and debates.

    October 2016

    The world's entertainment content market
    Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

    See more here>>

    2-4 November 2016
    SANDTON CONVENTION CENTRE - 161 Maude St, Sandton 2196. Johannesburg, South Africa.
    TV Programs Market: The largest market in Francophone Africa , and creative forum for television programs, TV channels , broadcast technologies and other audiovisual subjects - more than 500 delegates expected , conferences , debates, round tables, floor trade stands and much more ... not to be missed !


    13-20 novembre 2016  

    The African International Film Festival (AFRIFF 2016)

    Nigeria, Tinapa - Calabar Free Trade Zone

    The main film festival in Nigéria.


    15-17 November 2016
    AfricaCom / AfricaCast / TV Connect Africa 2016

    AfricaCom and TV Connect Africa , two essential events for the digital economy in Africa. Approximately 8,000 participants in 2014.
    Ideal for promoting innovation, sell solutions and seal partnerships with telcos content .
    See more here>>



    25 Feb. to 4 March 2017

    FESPACO - The Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou 

    The 25e edition of THE main African film festival.

    Burkina Faso.




  • 17TH PAMRO AND ALL AFRICA MEDIA RESEARCH CONFERENCE (Sun 21 August 2016 – Wed 24 August 2016)
     “Africa Media Research in a Globally Connected Word”

    PAMRO is now calling for the submission of synopses for the 2016 PAMRO Conference.

    Presentations will address a wide range of subjects in the field of Media Audience research and because of the Multimedia; nature of PAMRO should cover subjects in the field of Television audience research, as well as the measurement and status of Radio, Print, Online, Mobile, Social Media and Out of Home Media in Africa.

    The deadline for submitting synopses and requests to speak is 17th June. Please send your proposed paper synopses to Jennifer Daniel at Pamro

    Submission Guidelines

    Maximum Synopsis Length: 300 Words
    Synopses should enable PAMRO to judge the likely quality of the final paper and its usefulness to delegates. Papers which show no results and no supporting data are strongly discouraged.

    The 17th PAMRO Meeting and All Africa Media Research Conference will take place in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe on 21 – 24 August 2016.

    Each synopsis must include:
    The title of the proposed paper
    The name of the author(s)
    Their organisation and positions
    Their telephone number and email address
    Synopses and any queries should be sent to the PAMRO at pamro@pamro.org
    (Please see the PAMRO Guidelines for Speakers Attached)
    For information about previous conferences, please log onto www.pamro.org for further details. Regards
    Jennifer Daniel
    Executive Director

    Tel: +27 11 8044489 Email: pamro@pamro.Org Website: www.pamro.org
    PAMRO Your Gateway into Africa
    Jennifer Daniel (South Africa); Jonadab Egbowon (Nigeria); Sifiso Falala (SA); Monica Kambo (Kenya); Josiah Kimanzi (Nigeria) Joe Otin (Kenya) (President); Mluleki Ncube (SA); Filipa Oliveira (Angola); Oresti Patricios (SA) Major Tikiwa (Zimbabwe)

    The following guidelines are to be adhered to please:
    If you use Power Point slides, your opening slide must show the agreed title of the presentation. This will be printed in the formal programme. Your name and your company’s name as well as your designation. We will supply you with a template to populate. No company name on other slides please. Please ensure you keep with the standard PAMRO template supplied
    The font size must be large enough (preferably not smaller than 28) so that people in the back row of a sizable room will still be able to read it
    Commercial presentations are not allowed in the main body of the programme but commercial breakfast sessions are available on a first come first served basis. These are a very good opportunity and you will be allocated an hour for your sales pitch. The breakfasts will be on Tuesday and Wednesday morning of the conference
    Speakers must stay within the allowed time, 20 minutes per presentation. There are many papers to get through and Session chairs will control the time that is taken per paper as we need to keep to the schedule
    To ensure the smooth running of the conference, all presentations will be loaded on one laptop . Papers must be sent to PAMRO at pamro@pamro.org not less than ten (10) days prior to the conference so that this can be done. We have experienced problems in the past with late admissions. Please make sure your paper is complete and ready to send to us by 10th August 2016.
    If you have a technical reason why your presentation must be done using your own computer, please advise PAMRO ASAP.
    Please bring a back-up copy on a memory stick.
    Please note that all speakers are expected to pay the normal conference fee as well as their travel, accommodation and other expenses.
    Source: Press release

    Announcing the Bellagio Center Residency Award Winners

    The Africa Centre is pleased to announce the artists selected by The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center as part of our 2015 Artists In Residency Programme.
    After receiving a large number of applications, across artistic disciplines, we shortlisted 24 artists on behalf of the Bellagio Center. Based on their specific interests, the following artists were selected:
    1.   Lauren Ann Beukes  (Author | South Africa)
    2.   Tsitsi Dangarembga (Author. Filmmaker | Zimbabwe)
    3.   Victor Ehighale Ehikhamenor (Author. Visual Artist. | Nigeria)
    4.   Yared Zeleke (Filmmaker | Ethiopia)
    5.   Fathy Adly Salama (Performing Artist | Egypt)

    These additional five artists bring the total to 14 who were accepted into nine different residencies around the world as part of the 2015 Programme. Over the next two weeks, we will be releasing more information about these artists on www.africacentre.net  as well as our social media platforms.

    The Africa Centre will be launching the 2016 call for applications in the second half of this year.  

    Film projects related to Africa trying to raise money on www.kickstarter.com

    Image du projet
    Africa's Premier League
    Africa is a Country

    The story of Africa's long-distance love affair with English football, told by fans in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya & DR Congo.
     Brooklyn, NY
    Financé à
    105 %
    2 111 £
    de fonds engagés
    jours restants
     Image du projet
    Africa: Black is still beautiful

    “Skin bleaching is a problem in Africa where women believe that white women are the standard of beauty. I intend to change this notion.
     Washington, DC
    Financé à
    0 %
    0,00 $
    de fonds engagés
    jours restants
     Image du projet
    Journeys that Changed the World: Dance of Death
    Peter Furst & Garnet Mae

    Filmmakers Peter Furst and Garnet Mae continue their series on Journeys that Changed the World, crossing Africa from coast-to-coast.
     Sydney, AU
    Financé à
    20 %
    1 036 $
    de fonds engagés
    jours restants
     Photo original
    Malawi, Africa: A Documentary About An Orphanage.
    Help me create a fabulous documentary about an orphanage in Malawi, Africa!

    par Sebastian Jones et 20 contributeurs
    Photo original
    NYC PictureStart Film Festival Visits South Africa project
    NYC PictureStart Film Festival launches visiting series project in South Africa, screening South African & international short films.

    par Benjamin Arredondo et 80 contributeurs
    Photo original
    Heart of Africa
    A former revolutionary from the Congo and a farm boy from Idaho: missionary companions in Africa. Can they transcend their pasts?

    par Margaret Blair Young et 412 contributeurs
    Photo original
    Sangoma - Discovering Shamans of South Africa
    In this feature film, a team of consciousness-explorers chronicle their adventure to bring home the shamanic wisdom of South Africa.

    par Niklas Schrimpf et 98 contributeurs
    Photo original
    Thank you for supporting “Portraits from South Africa”
    "Portraits from South Africa" is a feature length documentary film that is moving into post-production.

    par Iris Dawn Parker et 54 contributeurs
    Photo original
    TFK Africa Roadshow
    Three week screening tour of The Forgotten Kingdom in South Africa and Lesotho. Help us bring the film home!

    par Andrew Mudge et 109 contributeurs
    E9f637105a78aed09d41dbc7dcb6a214 original
    IN THE LAND OF OU MAKAI - A Bushman Odyssey
    One Bushman family’s struggle to survive genocide, dispossession and post-apartheid freedom in South Africa.

    par Richard Wicksteed et 134 contributeurs
    Photo original
    FESPACO African Film Festival Short Film
    A short film for Africa's premiere film festival, shot entirely in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    par sky tandberg et 6 contributeurs
    5312f0a973775a11352561f27955f43e original
    One Sky Project
    Pilots travel Africa to film documentaries & bring light to the great work of several NGOS on the ground so they can make a difference!

    par Brian Morris et 171 contributeurs
    Photo original
    Cornucopia of Africa
    Two American girls embarking on a journey to East Africa in search of what truly bonds humanity.

    par Helen et 28 contributeurs
    Photo original
    The main purpose of the festival is to provide a platform for African films, art and culture in Wales.

    par Fadhili et 20 contributeurs
    Photo original
    Kristin Bauer's "Out For Africa" Documentary
    A journey to Africa to explore it's land, it's people, and a deeper look into the poaching and slaughter of Africa's majestic animals

    par kristin bauer et 668 contributeurs
    Photo original
    A Ghanaian student's vision of his future takes a sudden turn after his father's death. Obligation and ambition clash in modern Africa.

    par Rasquaché Film Productions et 266 contributeurs
    Photo original
    Across Africa: Morocco to South Africa in Search of Unsung Heroes
    Seeking funding to complete post-production on a video documenting a journey across Africa, telling the stories of unsung heroes.

    par Alicia Sully et 88 contributeurs
    Photo original
    Film to Give: Stories For Change-Makers
    Film to Give is a web series that gives the world's real change-makers a voice. To film these untold stories, we'll travel to Asia & Africa. Join us!

    par James Connolly & Rachelle Escaravage et 150 contributeurs
    Photo original
    Fall and Recover: A Refugee Dance Film
    War torture survivors from Africa and The Middle East overcome their traumatic pasts through movement and dance therapy, in Ireland.

    par Jason Somma + Erinn Clancy et 92 contributeurs
    Coups de cœur Photo original
    "This is National Wake," the film.
    "This is National Wake" is a documentary film that tells the story of South African punk pioneers National Wake.
    See more here: 

  • A E Networks appoints Yusuf Nabee as general manager Africa

    A E Networks today announced that it has appointed Yusuf Nabee to the newly-created role of general manager, Africa. Nabee will take up his post on 1 June 2016. The announcement was made by Nicolas Eglau, chief operating officer at A E Networks UK, and general manager, Nordics, the Benelux and CEEMEA, to whom Nabee will report.

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