* Project Facilitator Tina James this week announced the South African Government’s ICT roadmap: "In other countries, roadmaps streamlined R&D, and fast-tracked commercialisation of products and services." James added that such an initiative could also promote international investment. "It is possible, although it would be a lot more difficult in a country like SA, because we are a developing nation and we don’t have the resources of a country like China." Sun Microsystems senior systems engineer Dumisani Mtoba also promoted the concept of roadmapping to the industry. "In Singapore, they have gotten to a stage where they are globally competitive, and that is something for us to work towards. If they can do it, why can’t we?" The government’s ICT roadmap has entered phase two of its roll-out plan, and, as expected, the main focus is on encouraging business to take up the initiative.

* According to the Nigeria’s Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Chief Akin Olujinmi (SAN), "In view of the proceedings at the Cybercourts, Cyberlaw and Cyberworld conference (in the USA) the government will send additional information to the National Assembly on the cybercrime bill."He further pledged that conflicts of functions among Federal Government agencies responsible for law enforcement would be resolved.

* Mathew Galvani, the KenCell Communications Ltd chief marketing manager has resigned. The company said Olivier Antonnucio, one of the marketing managers has taken over in an acting capacity.Galvani quits barely a month after former company CEO, Philippe Vandebroucke resigned allegedly because of disagreements with Vivendi and the Sameer Group CEO, Naushad Merali.Speaking to the East African Standard shortly before departure, Vandebrouk said the two shareholders locked him out of the board, a decision that instigated his resignation."I respect their decision but it was not fair at all considering all what I had laboured for," he said.Galvani, like Vandebroucke were associated with Vivendi, the former majority equity holders who have since sold off their 60 per cent stake in the company to Celtel.

- Kenya’s Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Muthaura has extended an olive branch to the ICT sector. In a letter to one representative he wrote:’ Apparently, there are issues requiring urgent resolution in the sector. Unfortunately, these cannot be resolved through murmuring. There is need to get together for a solution’ ‘....will be appreciated if we can have a brainstorming meeting with representatives of the various stakeholders to chart the way forward for this crucial sector.’ A meeting is being arranged with some speed.

- CCK’s D-G Sammy Kirui has apparently landed a job at the ITU.

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