Storgate, sole distributor for the Certance brand of backup solutions in South Africa, recently announced Certance's introduction of the CL 800 LTO Ultrium 3 series and CL 400H LTO Ultrium 2 half-height series data protection solutions.

The new solutions are aimed at the high-end corporate and SME sectors respectively, with the CL 800 extending data capacities to 800GB per tape and performance to 490 GB/hour, while the CL 400H delivers 400 GB tape capacities and a performance level of 144 GB/hour, with the added benefits of price reductions that puts this solution in the reach of smaller customers.

“The introduction of LTO Ultrium 2 technology in a half-height form factor is big news. Not only does this now place open standards backup technology in the hands of the SME market, but it provides more choice to the smaller companies who have classically only been afforded the availability of proprietary, non-open standards technology in their price bracket,” says Uresh Naran, Tape Product Manager at Storgate.

“A move to LTO technology will benefit smaller companies substantially, since LTO has come to the fore as the clear leader in the Super-Tape segment,” Naran explains

“The new drives also address a growing concern for many corporates, namely the looming ECT Act and the systems and processes they will be required to implement in order to ensure compliance.” Naran continues.

“Specifically, the CL 800 delivers the capacity-level large corporates will require, in light of the fact that full and regular backups will need to be performed on business critical information that has legal implications. It will also make provision for WORM technology (write-once/read many operations), which will ensure that data is not only kept safe, but in an untamperable format as the Act stipulates,” he concludes.

The CL 800 LTO Ultrium 3 tape drives deliver both capacity and performance with up to 800 GB per cartridge and 490 GB/hour, respectively.

Targeted at large businesses and the enterprise, the CL 800 provides best in class reliability and performance with Certance's reliability features that include MediaShield, SmartVerify, Dynamic Powerdown and 13-Speed Transfer.

CL 800 solutions will be available in internal, desktop and 2U rack-mount configurations and all include BakBone NetVault WorkGroup backup software.

CL 400H LTO Ultrium 2- Affordability and Open Format Benefits

The Certance CL 400H delivers the capacity and reliability of LTO-2 in a compact 5.25-inch half-height form factor. The CL 400H provides a new entry-level to those small-to-medium business users requiring both affordability and capacity in an open-format LTO technology.

The Certance CL 400H will come with capacities of up to 400 GB and data transfer of up to 144 GB/hour. CL 400H solutions will be available as an internal, desktop or 1U rack-mount solution. The new drive will also come with the same reliability features as Certance's high-end offerings.

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