Non-commercial telephone calls through the Internet will not attract additional costs other than those paid for Internet connectivity. Calls through the Internet popularly referred to us VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) would allow termination of calls without necessarily going through the Telkom Kenya's network.

"The VoIP communication established by individual users who make Internet call from one computer to another comes at no additional cost to users other than the Internet connectivity and access charges," Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) Director General Sammy Kirui said.Kirui's sentiments are contained in a document dubbed Proposed Guidelines for the Implementation and Provision of Voice over Internet Protocol Services.

Kirui said there would be no regulations to inhibit the service, as those who wish to use it would only need to acquire necessary equipment and Internet connectivity."Since the service is not for commercial purpose, no regulatory requirement will be needed for this self-provided or Do-it-yourself (DIY) VoIP classification," he clarified.

However, four other VoIP classifications will attract additional costs and will be delivered through a licensed infrastructure and application providers.The four would be calls that are pass through Telkom Kenya's Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).They are Personal Computer/Internet Protocol Phone to Public Switched Telephone Network (PC/IP Phone to PSTN), IP Phone to IP Phone, PSTN via IP to PSTN and PSTN to IP Phone.

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