Nigerians will be able to enjoy high speed broadband access while on the move and at a very affordable cost as Netcom Africa has introduced a new product called MyNetcom, to Nigeria. MyNetcom is claimed to be a first to the market, true non-line of sight (NLOS) wireless broadband solution, is based on the 3GG UMTS TD-CDMA (3G) standard.

The Marketing Executive Officer, Mr. Chris Okelu, said in a statement that MyNetcom will be targeted at the individual PC users and it would greatly benefit the end users of the Internet. Okelu noted that the product is the best choice for provisioning ubiquitous broadband services for end users in Nigeria because of its unmatched performance and economics of the solution.

Okelu said it has standards-based nature, and it is the growing market leader of the technology in commercial deployments."It affords consumers the freedom of portability and ease of plug-and-play, with no external mounted antenna required, supports peak download speeds of up to 3MBPS and can connect to any computer, laptop or mobile PC equipped with an Ethernet LAN network port."

According to Okelu, end-users will have a choice of multiple service plans tailored to their utilization and budgets ranging from the basic, the off-peak hour plan, Home and professional plans. Okelu says Netcom has been licensed by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission and the Nigerian Communications Commission.

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