The Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) is now set to open its own website. Hitherto, information on APCON had been available on the net only via the Federal Government's Ministry of Information website.

The APCON Regis-trar/Chief Executive, Dr. Josef Bel-Molokwu, said in a press statement that the opening of APCON's own dedicated site would greatly enhance its operations and most importantly answer to the needs of followers of Nigerian advertising the world over.

He gave the address as: and gave the assurance that it operation would provide ready access to information on APCON and its operations, as well as provide advisory services like those enabling global advertisers to identify bona fide practitioners or agencies with good records of complying with advertising ethics and regulations.

Available information would also include a synopsis of the Code of Advertising Practice, full text of the Register of Advertising Practitioners, as well as modalities for registration, vetting, disciplinary procedures, diploma in Advertising examinations, training programmes, publications, prices of all APCON products/services and research reports.

Dr. Bel-Molokwu regretted that APCON had not opened a website before now, but emphasised that it was imperative to first develop capacity in terms of finances and site management before dabbling into domain ownership.

"APCON is poised for an active website, which would be perennially updated, rather than one with stale or obsolete information," he said.

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