Excotek, a UK-based company, is running a pilot in SA with the aim of making bandwidth an on-demand commodity for local business communities.

“This could be a solution to SA's bandwidth issue,” says Excotek CEO Dino Cooper.

IT and telecommunications-related products distributor Excotek is launching DBAM Systems' Exbander range locally, initially targeting the hospitality industry, Internet service providers (ISPs) and retail sector.

Exbander allows resellers of bandwidth to provide quality services, metered on a number of metrics and made available on demand through easy-to-use graphical user interfaces, says Howard Bedford, CEO of DBAM Systems.

Exbander gives the bandwidth provider the opportunity to generate additional revenue from its existing client base, while providing a guaranteed quality of service for those clients, he says.

Exbander products are being piloted by a number of select partners in SA with applications ranging from ISPs supplying metered bandwidth on demand, to a wireless solution for a hotel group, enabling charging for metered access per guest over a wireless network, says Cooper.

“Mostly, bandwidth is sold on an access time basis, with little regard to the value of quality of service or quantity used,” says Cooper. “Exbander provides the end-user – enterprise or individual – much-needed enhanced control of their bandwidth connection.”

The product no longer requires a provider, such as a hotel, to buy bandwidth upfront, but as customers need it. Bandwidth providers can now determine the cost and structure of bandwidth packages to suit customers' needs, Cooper says.

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