A new ISP Lime Line will start in early November in Sierre Leone, according to Country Director Martin Small in a press conference last Monday. It wants to become the fastest and cheapest ISP in the country.

Small, an ex-British military officer says he is very confident in the business atmosphere in the country after doing extensive feasibility studies. The Country Director says Lime Line is a revolutionary Internet service that offers access at speeds up to two megabits per second. "These speeds are guaranteed," he stresses.

Small says the services would be provided at a very small monthly cost after signing up and paying the initial service charge.The Country Director says when once one has placed in an order, an engineer is given the task to visit the client's premises within two days and the installation takes not more than an hour.

Lime Line offers two levels of services: Lime Express (1MB download/512kb upload) that costs $ 195 or equivalent in Leones per month; and Lime Superfast (2MB download/1mb upload), which costs $295 per month.

"All payments are in advance and we give discounts of 15% if you pay upfront," Small states.

The Country Director assured that there is no charge for the subscriber unit as the company supplies one modem per subscription, which remains the property of Lime Line.

Asked what other services Lime Line offers, Small says they would also be offering ultra low cost telephone calls that gives access to international calls to USA and Europe. "The software is free and you just pay for the calls at just a few US cents," Small says.

Concord Times

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