Telecoms News - In Brief

- The Rwanda Utility Regulatory Agency (RURA) organized a four-day seminar aimed at simplifying the existing communication regulations to attract various telecommunication operators to the country. Dr. Faustin Nteziryayo (pictured above), the RURA Director General stressed the importance of revising the existing regulations to attract more potential investors in the communication sector. "This seminar is very timely. It is very important because when there are many operators in the field, there is need to create a conducive environment to enable the operators, give their consumers the desired satisfaction," Nteziryayo said. He added that interconnection systems are really important to make sure that there is fair competition in the sector.

"For our case, we have hired a competent consultancy firm, TERRACOM and Rwandacel, to study the tariff disparities in tariffs. It is from this study that we shall fix fair tariffs between the two companies and set tariffs for future investors in order to solve this problem of the telecommunication tariffs," he said."This study will also help to eradicate tendencies by the current operators to obstruct new operators ready to enter into the sector. If we set up a regulatory framework for interconnection, it will allow and permit new companies to work alongside the existing companies," Nteziryayo added.

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