Participants from eight (8) African countries joined their Kenyan colleagues to participate in the first African IXP Research Workshop. This workshop is organised by the African ISP Association (AfrISPA, in Nairobi and is to be opened by the Hon. Minister of Information and Communication.

Since Internet Exchange Points (IX) acts as a natural point of aggregation for local and regional traffic this workshop aims to carry out a programme of research at eight (8) IXs to assess their impact on national, regional and continental traffic flows and the African Internet economy as a whole. Various reports have contended that between 30-40% of all Internet traffic is local. These reports, however, are unsubstantiated and there is need for accurate analysis of the flows of African Internet traffic.

AfrISPA with the support of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) has developed the UNGANA IXBase which is a set of tools which allow the opportunity to address certain assessment challenges such as:

- Lack of authoritative statistics with regard to African Internet traffic flows

- Lack of archived/historical traffic data

- Need to monitor and measure the impact of IXs

- Need for accurate analysis of the flows of African Internet traffic

At the workshop the various participants would be trained on the operations of the UNGANA IXBase and each country representative will receive a copy of the hardware and software to implement their countries apparence of the UNGANA IXBase Collector.

The African Internet Service Providers Association is the umbrella body representing national ISP Associations within Africa on a continental level. The Association organises, coordinates and promotes activities that increase the capacity of member Associations and individual ISPs to function more efficiently and collaborate more effectively to strengthen Africa’s Internet.

Among AfrISPA’s objectives is the commitment to provide and promote educational opportunities that will enhance and empower technical and policy understanding of the Internet as well as to build, maintain, and publish relevant industry data for Members.

AfrISPA is currently made up of ISPA South Africa, GISPA Ghana, TESPOK Kenya, FAIR Mauritius, UISPA Uganda, ISPAN Nigeria, TISPA Tanzania, ISPA DR Congo, BISPA Botswana and other ISPs in Africa.

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