Two of the biggest educational institutions have formed an academic alliance in Ghana to offer Computing degree programmes. The Open University's widely acclaimed degree programme, BSc. (Hons) Computing and its practice and the NIIT have formed the alliance. With this alliance/partnership, students in Ghana would have the chance to obtain an international degree in IT without leaving the country.

This Open University degree programme builds upon the study that students would have completed with NIIT. Deputy Minister of Communication, Dr. Benjamin Aggrey Ntim on Thursday, in the presence of dignitaries from The Open University and the management of NIIT, GHANA, launched the alliance.

Speaking on the occasion, the Guest of Honour, Deputy Minister of Communication, Dr. Ntim, welcomed this initiative of the partners - NIIT and The Open University, UK, in coming together to offer B.Sc. (Hons) Computing & its Practice in Ghana. This relationship in computer education, he said, would go a long way in further improving IT expertise in the country. He hoped the success of this venture would pave the way for other initiatives in Information Technology.

Speaking about NIIT's plans in Ghana, Kapil Gupta, Managing Director of NIIT Ghana, said, "This alliance further builds on the academic validation of NIIT Programmes with nearly 20 Universities worldwide and brings Open University's globally accepted qualifications to NIIT students, in their own country."

"The alliance would give an opportunity to address the growing need for trained IT professionals from many more countries. The unique combination of NIIT's global experience and delivery model with the Open University's distinctive competencies in supported open learning worldwide gives the alliance great potential to make a difference in the world of higher education."

This relationship brings together the Open University's strengths in offering comprehensive programmes over the last 35 years with NIIT's core competence in instructional design, development and delivery.

Manish Jain, The Head of Academic Alliance from NIIT's Head office further added "There is growing demand for computer professionals trained in the latest computer technologies. NIIT with its 20 years of experience of training over three and a half million learners of all age groups, is well equipped to nurture these aspiring students into world-class computer professionals."

"NIIT has developed strong synergy between its two equally balanced businesses - Software Solutions and Learning Solutions. Software projects open a window into the real world of software solutions to practice what it teaches, experiment with it, and to abstract practical knowledge. The transfer of that knowledge back into the classroom builds an invigorating connection with real-life applications," he added further.

Furthermore, students at The Open University were more impressed with the quality of their courses than those at any other university, based on the findings of the 2005 National Student Survey.

The programme will be conducted by NIIT faculty specially trained on the Open University's curriculum. The students will be examined and certified directly by the Open University's Examination and Assessment Board.

"This alliance will bring the Open University's rigorous curriculum to the students in their own country, thus making it a cost efficient way of acquiring an internationally accepted qualification." said Chris Dobbyn, Head-Africa of the Open University, UK.

NIIT will offer this degree to the Ghanaians based, along with its revolutionary curriculum 'Mastermind Series (MMS)' that incorporates the latest technologies. The students would have a chance to acquire Dual Qualifications by registering for this programme.

It is a 360-credit points degree programme. 240 credit points will be achieved by completing DNIIT (Hons) programme at NIIT that comprises of first 10 quarters of MMS.

Duration of the Top-up Degree Programme would be one year and will lead to an award of the balance 120 credit points. B.Sc. (Hons) Computing and its Practice Degree would be awarded by The Open University, UK.

Set up in 1981, with a mission of "Bringing People & Computers Together Successfully", NIIT pioneered IT Education & Training in India. NIIT is, today, USD325 million diversified global information technology cooperation. NIIT is a name, recognized in over 44 countries with over 4500 centers, and its education footprint now covers more than 80% of the humanity.

Founded in 1969, The Open University ( is the world's leading distance teaching university, the only university in UK dedicated to distance learning, currently having more than 200,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. More than 160,000 students across UK and over 40,000 from outside of UK are studying at the Open University.

Its students were most impressed with the quality of their courses than those at any other University, based on the findings of the 2005 National Student Survey.

NIIT Ghana ( has an enviable record in IT education and training in the country having trained more than 12,500 students and 1,100 professionals in various streams like software engineering, hardware and networking engineering, multimedia, short term programmes among others.

Ghanaian Chronicle

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