Newtec is launching its new Sat3Play system, a product that allows the bundling of data, voice and video services over a single satellite broadband connection. Sat3Play is an unprecedented 2-Way Satellite Multimedia Broadband System that has been built around the concept of easiness on various key aspects, namely:

“Easy to Install”: DTH-like Do-it-Yourself installation ; Zero touch IP Modem installation

“Easy to Use”: Plug and Play solution for end-users ; ADSL-like Broadband Experience, outperforming competition ; Carrier Class management tools for service providers

“Easy on the budget”: Very low cost terminal ; DVB-S2 State-of-the-Art technology, enabling a 30% reduction of the satellite  capacity costs

Sat3Play is the result of the unique expertise accumulated by Newtec in the development and delivery of 2Way-Sat, a system based on the DVB-RCS standard and intended to the business-to business market, and an interactive television system for consumers based on the SATMODE Technology.

Worldwide 10 to 40% of all households are still and will remain deprived from fast terrestrial DSL Internet Access. So far, satellite solutions were too costly both from the satellite capacity as well as from the Customer Premises Equipment (terminal) perspective.

“Thanks to its unique return link design combined with DVB-S2, the world’s best forward technology, Sat3Play provides satellite operators, broadcasters and Internet Service Providers with

a unique opportunity to unlock new business models, ranging from basic retail Internet access at prices below 50 Euro per month, to the delivery of a full triple play service to the consumer market.”, says Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec.

Furthermore, Sat3Play equally enables the fast deployment of various types of applications for businesses, such as Supervision, Control And Data Acquisitions (SCADA), Reliable Content Distribution or Point of Sales applications.

“With our unique technology and experience accumulated in the DVB-RCS field, both Service Providers and Enterprises will be able to rapidly deploy highly reliable low-cost infrastructures to better serve end-users in areas where no terrestrial infrastructure is available at competitive prices.”, says Dirk Breynaert, CTO of Newtec.

First field deployments will begin early next year to provide consumer Internet and TV services and content distribution applications to professional user.

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