Computer News - In Brief

- UNIDO and Microsoft signed an accord in Ouagadougou to implement a common initiative to equip African Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with second-hand computers collected from big companies.

- Union Bank of Nigerian Plc has embarked on aggressive computer service upgrade including the interconnection of all its branches across the country.

- Electronic Tools (E-tools), an IT company with branch offices in Rwanda and California in the USA has teamed up with Microsoft to translate Windows Vista into the Kinyarwanda language. In addition, the company is developing a payroll and human resource solutions software that will be easily customised to meet the realities in the East African region.

- Hewlett-Packard (HP) has opened a branch in Tunis. So far HP has opened premises in South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria, and Uganda.

- Coseke, a Tanzanian-based IT company, has launched an electronic document management system in Uganda. The system offers business process management, workflow, information storage, automatic data capture and physical file management technologies.

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