Zimbabwe Netone Buys Fibre Optic System to Ease interconnection Congestion

Mobile cellular phone service provider NetOne has bought a high capacity fibre optic system that is expected to help ease current network congestion. According to NetOne managing director Reward Kangai, the system would be used to link NetOne with other operators to enable cross-network communication to flow without hindrance.

To this end, he said, NetOne subscribers would now be able to make calls to other networks with ease."The inter-connection or high capacity link should be able to cater for the current capacity which we intend to improve. The capacity of the inter-connection will be increased by over 750 percent," he said.

Fibre optic linkage is broadband-based system that is more reliable than dial-up connections, transferring information at a much faster pace than the latter. Kangai said NetOne was aware of problems being experienced by its customers and most of these were associated with congestion. NetOne announced last year that it was rolling out more base stations in Harare and its environs to ease congestion and these would be installed in Mount Pleasant, Dura, Queensdale, Prospect and Glen View, among other areas.

This was after an earlier resolution in April where the company undertook to construct additional base stations in the urban areas while simultaneously extending coverage in rural areas, where the company has an edge over its competitors.

The organisation has already rolled out 35 new base stations across the country, with 17 installed in Harare. NetOne also recently launched and commissioned its second Mobile Switching Centre in Bulawayo.

This enabled it to commission 42 new base stations so as to de-congest the network. As a result, NetOne customers in and around Bulawayo are now enjoying a more convenient and less congested network.

The Herald

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