Internet News - In Brief

- Mobily is expanding the reach of its national fiber-optic network regionally and globally as part of a consortium that includes Etisalat of the United Arab Emirates and Etisalat Misr in Egypt. Dubbed the "E-Cable," with "e" being short for "Etisalat, the part terrestrial and part submarine cable will be live and ready for use by the end of the second quarter of 2009. The cable itself is expected to cost $150 million and will run from Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, across Saudi Arabia, passing through Jeddah, and through the Suez Canal and Alexandria in Egypt, by Italy in the Mediterranean and entering Europe through France.

- Ghanaian broadband access provider Allterra Gridline Communications Ghana Limited, has begun piloting broadband over powerline (BPL) technology in the country in collaboration with the Volta River Authority. The company is conducting a two-month pilot trial in the Volta Hotel in Akosombo, demonstrating the technology’s ability to provide video-on-demand (VoD), voice-over-IP (VoIP), and high speed Internet access over the utility’s municipal power grid.

- DATAFundi, an Unganda information and communication technology service provider, has signed an agreement with Emperion, a Danish broadband (Internet) and telecommunications solutions provider to establish a teleport in East Africa.

- In Gabon, Artel, the Telecommunication regulator has announced the introduction of a new licence regime for ISPs and data service companies in a bid to curb informal activities in this segment of the market. Existing internet service providers will need to apply for a new licence which has much more stringent conditions (e.g financial and technical guaranties, 5 year viable business plan, conditions are much more, etc)

- In South Africa, the Limpopo government has undertaken a massive project to install the infrastructure for wireless broadband technology so residents can gain access to Internet throughout the province.

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