Uganda’s Army gets Computerised Data Management System

The UPDF has installed the integrated information management system at all the division and brigade headquarters to eradicate ghost soldiers on the payroll, reports Chris Ocowun.

"This is part of the ongoing exercise to ensure that there is no stone left unturned as regards the annihilation of ghost soldiers in our units," the 5th Division public relations officer, Capt. Deo Akiiki, said recently.

The system, he said, would network all UPDF divisions and units on a central data bank to get rid of ghost soldiers. "This data bank comprises several interconnected computers which are closely monitored at the headquarters in Bombo. The information about personnel can now be accessed and managed through the Internet at the division and brigade levels."

Akiiki stated that the commanders at all levels could use the system to manage information about their personnel centrally on the data bank linked up to Bombo.

"Those in villages at brigade levels were issued with computers with special functions to link them to the main system. These systems are mobile and water proof to suit operational hazards."

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