New ISP Jostles for 1 Million Subscribers in Nigeria

NetAfric Internet Services, a subsidiary of Maybach Strategic Investment Limited, said it's working hard to register one million subscribers in Nigeria within the next twelve months. "We want to offer what Yahoo is offering internet users,"said Company Representative, Olu John.

He said that they had successfully and efficiently test- run the service for twelve months, and have now decided to introduce the products (web hosting, email accounts, data transfer bandwith) first to the business community, non-governmental organisation, professional bodies and then to individuals in Nigeria.

" We have the sole franchise from a group of companies in the United Kingdom through our parent company Maybach Strategic Investment UK Limited, to offer Internet services to subscribers in the whole of Africa. Accordingly, NetAfric is starting operation from Nigeria, and after we have attained one million subscribers mark, will introduce our services to other Africa countries such as Ghana, South Africa and the Gambia and Angola," he said.

On what the company is offering that's different to competitors, he declared: "As part of efforts to meet the challenges of industry as well as the needs of IT community, our Group decided to come up with a package that is uniquely different from what other related products in the Nigeria IT market.

For instance, while competitors elsewhere allow subscribers to pay a monthly or yearly fee, subscribers on NetAfric, pay ten thousand Naira once, and that is all. Subscribers that already have domain address, he stressed, will pay about ten thousand Naira for life, while new domain address attracts an additional N2,500 for creating new domain.


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