Internet News - In Brief

- Layer3 has commissioned its long haul fibre, linking Lagos to Abuja. This leased private managed line will be a solution for organizations, such as financial institutions, airlines and other corporate firms and telcos requiring a connection that carries important, secure and time-sensitive content.

- Seacom has completed the critical portions of its 13,700km undersea cable and land-based infrastructure, meeting its deadline for the completion of this phase, and commencing with system testing. The company says testing is now under way and will cover the network's connections, interfaces and synchronous digital hierarchy systems. This will ensure optimum configuration and traffic flow are attained before customers go live. The entire system will be operated and controlled through Seacom's Network Operations Centre, which is based in Pune, India.

- Suburban Telecom, a subsidiary of Suburban West Africa has completed the deployment of the first inland fibre optic cable network in West Africa that connects Nigeria to its Francophone neighbours, the Republic of Benin, Togo and as well as Ghana.

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