Sierra Leone lifts ban on additional mobile company licences

Minister of information and communications has said that the lifting of the temporary ban on the registration of mobile companies would see the registration of more GSM companies in the country.

Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo told Concord Times that the government had earlier placed a temporary ban to allow the national telecommunications commission (NATCOM) to clean up the industry and allocate frequency to mobile companies.

"We had placed a ban for NATCOM to restructure the whole telecom industry. We are not a government that operates on monopoly. The moratorium placed on mobile company registration is against the principles of liberal economy, that is why it was lifted," he said.

According to Kargbo, the All People's Congress, APC government was determined to open the market so that more investors will come into the country and invest. He said the government was ready to promote the concept of a liberal economy but warned that mobile phone companies should operate within the realm of the law.

"GSM companies are free to register as long as NATCOM thinks they are qualified. We are aware of the registration of two mobile companies in the country," he maintained. The information and communications minister noted that even before they announced the temporary ban on the registration of GSM companies, NATCOM, the body responsible for registering mobile companies has already issued licenses to two.

Concord Times

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