Internet News - In Brief

- The Kenyan Government last week made a bold step towards ensuring network security for its agencies, when it scaled-up plans to set up an internet exchange point, where they will all connect. The telecoms industry regulator, the Communications Commission of Kenya last week invited firms to bid for the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a Government of Kenya Internet exchange point.

- Tunisair has recently launched a new upgraded version of its website ( which will provide users with the possibility of finding out about the company's latest offers. The new website which does not limit itself to a simple reversioning of the former web site, it provides the whole array of Tunisair services, including the company's "fidelys" customer service, hotel bookings, and medical tourism in three languages (Arabic, French and English).

- A new fibre optic cable to provide Internet broadband to Rwanda are expected to reach the Katuna border post in Rwanda in December. "Connecting Katuna to Kigali will take another one month, hence completing the project in January 2010," Fred Sewe, the chief executive of Green Future, said.

- iDirect has announced that SimbaNET Nigeria, a service provider and systems integrator based in Africa, has launched its network over Nigeria and West Africa. Under the new network, SimbaNET Nigeria will introduce additional bandwidth capacity to support more advanced enterprise applications for existing corporate and government customers in the region.

- The installation of fibre-optic cable links across Angola’s southern provinces of Huila, Namibe, Kuando Kubango and Cunene is on target for completion by the end of this year, according to Angola Telecom’s regional director, Manuel Octavio. Speaking to news provider Angop, Octavio said that fibre links between Namibe and Huila are complete, adding that the company’s technicians are doing their best to reach Kuando Kubango and Cunene by the end of this year, to provide better quality, high speed communications with cheaper prices.

- Egypt will apply for the first Internet domain written in Arabic, its information technology minister said Sunday at a conference grouping Yahoo's co-founder and others to discuss boosting online access in emerging nations. Tarek Kamel said Egypt on Monday would apply for the new domain - pronounced ".masr" but written in the Arabic alphabet - making it the first Arab nation to apply for a non-Latin character domain.

- A new site called African Repatriation has been launched recently. The site ( is an invaluable resource for any African currently working overseas who has a desire to return home to work and make a new life in Africa. The site is rich with the social networking tools needed to connect African’s from all corners of the globe, to share their experiences and find the solutions to the problems that one can face when making such a move. The site also features a job search tool, a forum, industry related articles and specialist editorials from experts across the African employment market.

- The World Bank is organising a workshop on Universal Access and Service (UAS) and Broadband Development

When: November 23, 2009, 9:00 am - 12:30 pm Washington D.C. time

(live webcast URLs will be published there shortly)

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