Internet News - In Brief

- A SAT-3 cable break has caused international connectivity problems for numerous Internet users in South Africa. According to a SAIX network notice a problem - caused by a major SAT-3 cable break - on the London-Bellville link at 02:51 today caused slow international connectivity. An updated notice from MTN Business informed users that Telkom SA was conducting “major maintenance on the shunt fault on Segment 14 of SAT-3, about 627 km from the ACC Beach Manhole. This maintenance will run from the 20-22 January 2010 and resume again on the 29 January to 01 February 2010 within the maintenance window.” Users were informed that the maintenance will cause intermittent high latency to London UK and Paris for the duration of this maintenance. A break in SAT3 has also been reported in Nigeria by Technology Times.

- The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has revoked the Internet exchange licences of two exchange providers, Integrated Wireless Technologies Nigeria and Telexchange Services Limited, local news source NEXT reports. Under the terms of the concessions, the companies’ were required to deliver interconnect services and facilities between telecoms operators through the Interconnect Clearing House, as well as measure traffic from one operator to another. However, according to NCC spokesperson Reuben Muoka, the permits were withdrawn because the two companies failed to make use of them. The licences were issued on 1 August 2004 and were due to expire on 31 July 2014.

- Internet provider WirelessG is in talks with sub-Saharan airlines to provide wireless Internet access for passengers during flights. The CEO Carel van der Merwe said that he is confident of getting the green light, despite the lack of Civil Aviation Authority approval, and that the service will be available within the next few months.

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