Sasatel Launches High-Speed Internet Service in Tanzania

Sasatel has launched WiMax high-speed Internet access for large businesses in Dar es Salaam. The initiative is aimed at enhancing the company's position in the fast-growing digital sector. The company, which started operations last year, said last week that the costs of installing the service and the requisite infrastructure would not be passed on to customers.

The elimination of WiMax investment costs has been helped by Sasatel's connection to the Seacom cable. The company said customers, who already have Internet connection and their own local access network (LAN) infrastructure, could as well replace their connection with WiMax without any additional investments.

"After launching our EVDO Internet services for small and medium-sized businesses in June last year, we launch WiMax Internet access to cater for Internet needs of Large Businesses and Corporate customers," products director Thomas Andre Molvig noted last week in Dar es Salaam.

The statement said the platform from Sasatel will provide large businesses with dedicated bandwidth and unlimited usage at a fixed monthly fee. Its speeds vary from one megabit per second to 10 Mbps. "Such speeds are achieved both uplink and downlink with dedicated bandwidth directly onto the Seacom cable," the statement reads in part.

The Citizen

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