Internet News: In Brief

* Last week on June 8th, there was a landing event for EIG cable system in 
Tripoli, at the same time there was an opening ceremony for the new EIG 
landing station, and a signing event for two new international 
projects, the first was the upgrade of the bilateral cable with Italy 
from 2.5G to 40G (with 120G ultimate capacity), the second was the 
landing agreement (and backhaul agreement) with OTEGlobe for a new 
submarine cable wholly owned by Libya (given the name Silphium 
""), the construction of the cable 
is expected to be awarded this month and will be a repeaterless system 
with more than 410Km length, and an ultimate capacity of 1.2 Tera bps.

* According to recent ranking results by, a global internet connectivity host, Vodafone Ghana's broadband is the number 1 in Ghana for download and upload speed. But, what makes the news even more exciting is the fact that Ghana is now number 1 in Africa for internet/broadband download and upload speed. Ghana, until now, had been sitting at 6th position for many months in Africa's internet speed ranking. With this latest ranking, Ghana becomes the 41st in the world for download speed, and 12th in the world for upload speed. Vodafone Ghana's internet cafés can boast of having the fastest speed in Africa, with 40MB per second. Readers in Ghana and visitors to the country may view these claims with a degree of skepticism.

* According to the latest sector statistics report released by the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK), investment levels in data recorded growth to reach Sh1.5 billion last year from Sh1.2 billion in 2008 representing a 27.1 per cent increase. This is attributed to the undersea cables that brought about a rise in international Internet bandwidth. CCK says data and Internet market increased by five per cent to post a total annual revenue of Sh7.97 billion from Sh7.59 billion in 2008.

*Forty Rwandan computer And telecommunication engineers last week started a four day fibre optics training, expected to equip them with the necessary skills on fibre optics, basic practical hands-on experience on fusion splicing and the operation of best equipment. The workshop was jointly organized by the United Kingdom Telecommunications Academy (UKTA), Kigali Institute of Science of Science andtechnology (KIST) and the Cable Communications Training Services (CTTS).

* Lagos — Through the Microsoft Internet Safety, Security and Privacy Initiative Nigeria (MISSPIN) Microsoft is partnering the Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) to combat the menace of cyber crime in the country, Dr. Jummai Umar-Ajijola Citizen Lead of Microsoft Anglophone West Africa has said. She said the campaign started in 2008 and was meant to help direct the attention and energy of the youths to positive and legitimate use of the cyber space.

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