New IBM Software Introduced in Tanzania

Information and Communication Mid-Africa Limited (ICMA) has introduced IBM's Tivoli Foundation software solution for small and medium businesses in Tanzania. The firm's Managing Director, Johan Grobler, told the 'Daily News' that Tanzania would be the first country in Africa to get the solution.

IBM Tivoli Foundations Application provides entry level monitoring for the growing medium sized organisations looking for the right functionality in easy to use and cost effective solution.

It provides key capabilities to implement application management in the IT environment, including IT asset recovery, network monitoring and monitoring for key IT elements such as databases, mail and virtual servers. He said despite the fact that the company was present in 10 countries in Africa, still they had decided to choose Tanzania due to its growing IT market.

ICMA is now operating in South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Cameroun, Central Republic of Africa, Nigeria and Tanzania. "We've decided to introduce the software first in Tanzania because the country's market is small but it's growing. South Africa's market is the largest in Africa but it is saturated. Tanzania's market is growing due to opening of more companies, growth of internet services and launch of fibre optic cable.

"There's a lot of building development going on in Tanzania, especially in Dar es Salaam.The difference is that investments are made in cash, not in credit. This is one of the reasons why countries like Tanzania have not been badly affected by the credit crunch", he explained.

He said that while Tanzania was still a small market, the establishment of the firm's offices in Dar es Salaam would serve as a launch pad into the surrounding African countries.

According to him, 10 sets of systems of the solution will be sold at 750,000 US dollars and that the company will probably introduce the solution (as the next target in Africa) in the DRC.

"We expect that sales of Tivoli software from IBM will boost revenue by around 12 per cent during the next 12 months. We're focusing on the Tivoli Foundation Service Manager and Application Manager Solutions", noted Mr Grobler.

IBM Tivoli Foundations Manager is described as a service desk solution designed and priced specifically for smaller and medium sized organizations. It provides focused services desk capabilities, including service request, incident and problem management processes.

Tivoli Foundations include two software appliances -- IBM Tivoli Foundations Application Manager and Tivoli Foundations Service Manager. With these new, integrated offerings, IBM is positioned to help mid-market organizations optimize service management in an effective, fast and cost-efficient way.

Source: Tanzania Daily News

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