Internet News - In Brief

Tunisia's incumbent "Tunisie Telecom" announced a further increase in international bandwidth to 50 Gbps up from 42.5 Gbps last October and 37.5 Gbps in May 2010, which represents an increase of 12.5 Gbps in a few months.

 PCCW Global Limited, a subsidiary of Hong Kong’s telecommunications provider, PCCW Limited, and Kenya Data Networks (KDN), Kenya’s leading full service data communications carrier, have successfully conducted the first High-Definition Video Conferencing (HDVC) connecting the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Kenya.

The internet search engine giant - Google - is digitalizing the yet to be seceded South Sudan after a smooth January 9 referendum. According to Google, the Satellite Sentinel project would aid humanitarian agencies to quickly respond to crisis without having to go through difficulties of locating unmapped areas as exists now.

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