South Sudan: Telecommunication Ministry to Introduce company to run single, Government international gateway

The Minister of Telecommunication and Postal Service Madut Biar Yel said most operators now use their own gateways, but a government is planning to assign a company to operate Government-owned international gateway, he said. However the Minister did not reveal to the media the name of the company that is to be assigned. The Government is aware of the fact that the software and hardware industry are two sides of the gold coin that would enable Southern Sudan to emerge as a regional IT hub.

In the realization of this objective, the Government will undertake a number of initiatives such as the establishment of a High Level Institutional Framework to coordinate ICT policy development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; promote government services; promote ICT Human Resource Development; enhance investments in ICT; and create partnerships with all stakeholders in the sector. The over-arching goal of this policy framework is therefore to ensure a more accessible, equitable, efficient, affordable and effective telecommunications and postal services sectors, he said.

Yel said they are assisted by the World Bank in the process of improving their internet system. He told the media that Gemtel mobile operating company is owned by Libyan Government as well as the Government of South Sudan which has some shares.

Source: The Citizen

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