What have we done

Examples - Consultancy projects have included:



  • Producing a business plan for a learning channel for a leading regional production company.
  • Assessing the current state of play with the transition to digital broadcasting by country.
  • Building a PEST and SWOT analysis of audiovisual content piracy across Africa.
  • Bullding a strategic plan for private pay TV operators
  • Identifying the market potential for DTH FTA, Pay-TV and VoD solutions.
  • Reviewing the TV advertising ecossystem in Ghana
  • Qualifying the state of the media market in selected countries



  • Carrying out a feasibility study of a terrestrial fibre route from Lagos to Accra.
  • Identifying the number of base stations and towers used by Africa’s mobile operators and the likely growth over the next 3-5 years.
  • Research on the deployment of WiMAX-relevant spectrum in selected African countries.
  • Providing consultancy and research to an African carrier on national backbone prices, transmission spectrum prices and new investment opportunities.
  • Advising an African Government on how it might develop its national backbone through creating a separate infrastructure company with the involvement of the country’s private carrier.
  • Examining the feasibility of clustering the regional call centres of a well-known multinational.
  • Acting as adviser to two well-known North American companies looking to invest in Africa (Telecoms and Media).
  • Providing advice on international bandwidth prices, IP networks and wireless delivery at the local loop level to an SNO bidder in Southern Africa.
  • Researching mobile operator loyalty programmes for an equipment vendor selling a music player.
  • Organising a workshop (with APC and OSIWA) for African regulators from countries that are members of the SAT3 international consortium and presenting information on comparative satellite and fibre prices.
  • An investment appraisal of a wireless broadband operator for a South African bank.
  • A study to develop Open Access models for internet and telecoms in developing countries (infoDev).
  • A study to look at the telecoms interconnection between West African countries (ECOWAS and World Bank).
  • A two-stage study implementing an African Internet Exchange Point (IDRC).
  • An assessment of investment finance options for African telecoms and Internet infrastructure (DFID).

  • A study of telecommunications infrastructure and development initiatives and projects in Southern and East Africa (e-Africa Commission and World Bank).
  • A survey of public sector IT opportunities in three countries.
  • A survey of IT opportunities in the private sector in six countries.
  • A continent-wide satellite and fibre pricing survey.
  • A continent-wide survey of voice minutes and bandwidth data.
  • A survey of broadband pricing and implementations across the continent.
  • A five country survey of Wi-MAX licensing.
  • A survey of demand for an international fibre project.
  • A survey of IP backbone implementation for an IP equipment vendor.
  • A survey of demand for a “digital village” science park.
  • A survey of five ICT country markets for an IT company.

We write clear, jargon-free analysis that helps identify key strategic decisions and always deliver within an agreed timetable to the specified budget.

Publications - Data in depth

Balancing Act seeks to be the primary source for information on the telecoms, Internet and audio-visual media industries in Africa. Outside of South Africa, it probably has the most detailed overview available of telecoms and Internet markets. Below are a selection of the reports we have published:

  • African Voice and Data Bandwidth Forecasts (2006-2011). The third edition was published in December 2008.
  • African Broadband, Triple Play and Converged Markets, the second edition of which was published in June 2008.
  • African Telecoms and Internet Markets. Part 1 & 2 covering West and Central Africa have already been published. Parts 3 and 4 covering East and Southern Africa will be published in 2010.
  • African Satellite Markets. The second edition will be published in 2010 as African Fibre and Satellite Markets.
  • African VoIP Markets. The second edition will be published in 2010.
  • Etc.

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