What have we done

Consultancy projects have included:

  • Producing a business plan for a learning channel for a leading regional production company.

  • Identifying the market potential for a Pay-TV operation.

  • Carrying out a feasibility study of a terrestrial fibre route from Lagos to Accra.

  • Identifying the number of base stations and towers used by Africa’s mobile operators and the likely growth over the next 3-5 years.

  • Research on the deployment of WiMAX-relevant spectrum in selected African countries.
  • Assessing the current state of play with the transition to digital broadcasting in 23 countries.

  • Providing consultancy and research to an African carrier on national backbone prices, transmission spectrum prices and new investment opportunities.

  • Advising an African Government on how it might develop its national backbone through creating a separate infrastructure company with the involvement of the country’s private carrier.


  • Examining the feasibility of clustering the regional call centres of a well-known multinational.
  • Acting as adviser to two well-known North American companies looking to invest in Africa.

  • Providing advice on international bandwidth prices, IP networks and wireless delivery at the local loop level to an SNO bidder in Southern Africa.

  • Researching mobile operator loyalty programmes for an equipment vendor selling a music player.

  • Organising a workshop (with APC and OSIWA) for African regulators from countries that are members of the SAT3 international consortium and presenting information on comparative satellite and fibre prices.

  • An investment appraisal of a wireless broadband operator for a South African bank.

  • A study to develop Open Access models for internet and telecoms in developing countries (infoDev).

  • A study to look at the telecoms interconnection between West African countries (ECOWAS and World Bank).

  • A two-stage study implementing an African Internet Exchange Point (IDRC).

  • An assessment of investment finance options for African telecoms and Internet infrastructure (DFID).

  • A study of telecommunications infrastructure and development initiatives and projects in Southern and East Africa (e-Africa Commission and World Bank).

Past research projects include:

  • A survey of public sector IT opportunities in three countries.

  • A survey of IT opportunities in the private sector in six countries.

  • A continent-wide satellite and fibre pricing survey.

  • A continent-wide survey of voice minutes and bandwidth data.

  • A survey of broadband pricing and implementations across the continent.

  • A five country survey of Wi-MAX licensing.

  • A survey of demand for an international fibre project.

  • A survey of IP backbone implementation for an IP equipment vendor.

  • A survey of demand for a “digital village” science park.

  • A survey of five ICT country markets for an IT company.

We write clear, jargon-free analysis that helps identify key strategic decisions and always deliver within an agreed timetable to the specified budget.

Data in depth

Balancing Act seeks to be the primary source for information on the telecoms, Internet and audio-visual media industries in Africa. Outside of South Africa, it probably has the most detailed overview available of telecoms and Internet markets. Below are a selection of the reports we have published:

  • African Voice and Data Bandwidth Forecasts (2006-2011). The third edition was published in December 2008.

  • African Broadband, Triple Play and Converged Markets, the second edition of which was published in June 2008.

  • African Telecoms and Internet Markets. Part 1 & 2 covering West and Central Africa have already been published. Parts 3 and 4 covering East and Southern Africa will be published in 2010.

  • African Satellite Markets. The second edition will be published in 2010 as African Fibre and Satellite Markets.

  • African VoIP Markets. The second edition will be published in 2010.

To see a full list of our publications, click on the link below:
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