Custom workshops on:

Africa moving to 4G - State of the market by country
Drivers, Apps, Services, Business Case, Best Practices.

Africa moving from analogue to digital TV
- State of the market by country
Drivers, Technologies, Costs, Services, Business Case, SWOT analysis.

Africa's TV landscape - state of the market
List of TV channels by country, content, themed channels, drivers, impact, platforms, differentiators.
Business Case.

In house workshops are available across Africa, in Europe and in America upon request.
for more information please contact us.

Target Audience: Ministries, Regulators, Telecoms Service Providers,
spectrum managers.

Fees: GBP 1000.

Balancing Act's analysts will provide special briefing sessions on the topics suggested below. These 1 day workshops include presentation, data and analysis. The client gets a full set of the presentation notes. If there are other topics you are interested in, please contact Sylvain Beletre

Topic Target Audience Fees (1 Day, GBP)
Advertising in Africa - retaining broadcast's share of the pie broadcasters, TV and Radio £1000
African Broadcast and Film Markets: an overview TV broadcasters, film professionals, broadcast equipment vendors £1000
Mobile Money and M-Payment telecoms and banks pros £1000
Best practices for setting up universal access, intercon.
prices, licencing process, number portability, SIM reg.,
competition, int cable guidelines, cross broder, DTT.
regulators £1000
Telecoms: masterclass on training in future scenarios. Not
what's going to happen tomorrow but what do you have to get
ready for in 2-3 years time. It would be possible to use
scenarios and game results to improve companies competitiveness
operators £1000
Rolling out solutions across Africa: custom workshop on setting up the right strategy, iditenfying the right contacts, highlighting features, added values and benefits, articulating the pitch, communicating to the right media channels. any ICT and broadcast business £1000

Travel and accommodation expenses on top.