Hitting the low-spot in South Africa: TooMuchWifi’s Ian Thomson on delivery of better data deals for the “have-nots” and the scary margins of the MN0s

15 February 2019

Sub-Saharan Africa’s data prices for users are all over the place and bear no relation to individual wealth in different countries. As a result, there are a number of companies looking to find a business model at the lower end of the price range. Russell Southwood talked to CEO and Co-Founder of TooMuchWifi about why he launched the company and how it works. The idea for TooMuchWifi came from Thomson’s co-founder Jonathan Endersby. He started with the problem of trying to get his domestic worker’s daughter cost-effective access to the Internet. His own background included providing internet for high-end hotels…


Kenya: #MsPresident Reality TV series gets down to the final 40 – Preparing for a woman President by 2022? 2027?

15 February 2019

Edutainment reality TV shows nearly always do remarkably well and the new Ms President series in Kenya appears to be no exception. Kenyans often seem obsessed by electoral politics so it’s playing to a home crowd. Russell Southwood talks to the show’s creator, Martin Munyua, Dreamcatcher Productions about how it came to be made and what it’s trying to do. TV series often get people accustomed to the idea of things to come. US action thriller 24 featured a Black and a women President before Barack Obama was elected. Ghana’s Shirley Frimpong Manso took up the baton with her series…


Analogue to Digital Broadcasting Migration in Africa (Nov 2018)

The 3rd edition of “Analogue to Digital Broadcasting Migration in Africa” Report has now been officially released and is available for download. The report, which consists of 132 pages and 35,000 words, gives a true reflection of the status of the digital switchover across 56 African countries and territories. Any professional who has an interest in the future of broadcasting across the continent will find the information and analysis included in the report invaluable.