Getting a bead on the 5G business case for Africa – looking beyond the vendor hype for real revenues

11 January 2019

Like all new technologies, 5G has been accompanied by a gassy wave of hype. It’s now at the moment when the hype has to convert into actual business cases. Russell Southwood spoke to Dr John Naylon, CTO and Founder of CBNL and a member of the Advisory Board of UK5G about the timelines for Africa and what revenue case might work best. In January 2018, MTN announced that it had conducted a 5G trial in South Africa based on commercially available baseband hardware in lab conditions. According to Tech Central, the 5G trial achieved download speeds of more than 20Gbit/s…


Ethiopia’s Kana TV deepens its commitment to local content as media reform increases competition

4 January 2019

Usually stories about media freedom and broadcasting in Africa are all about murdered journalists, the shutdown of broadcast stations and repressive laws. So it makes a change to tell the story of Ethiopia where the conditions are being created for a much more open media. Russell Southwood looks at the significant changes and talks to Welela Haileselessie, Deputy Managing Director, Kana TV about how it’s producing a wider range of local content. Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister Prime Abiy Ahmed was sworn in on 2 April 2018. He promised to reform Ethiopia:“Building democratic institutions is a matter of survival for us.…


Analogue to Digital Broadcasting Migration in Africa (Nov 2018)

The 3rd edition of “Analogue to Digital Broadcasting Migration in Africa” Report has now been officially released and is available for download. The report, which consists of 132 pages and 35,000 words, gives a true reflection of the status of the digital switchover across 56 African countries and territories. Any professional who has an interest in the future of broadcasting across the continent will find the information and analysis included in the report invaluable.