The beginning of Sub-Saharan Africa’s Cloud journey – new report identifies investment and trends

20 November 2020

This week sees a new report – African Interconnection Report: Analysis of Sub-Saharan Africa’s Cloud and Data Centre Ecosystem – that looks at where data centres and cloud service providers are operating and what they are doing. The report has been produced by Balancing Act in partnership with PCCW Global. 2020 has been a significant year for Africa’s cloud ecosystem. Considerable new investment is going into carrier-neutral data centres across Sub-Saharan Africa and slowly but surely the adoption of cloud services is gathering pace. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has led many businesses to accelerate adoption of cloud services…


Mondia launches its “Pay-As-You-Go” digital content platform Monsooq in South Africa but plans roll-out in Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Kenya

13 November 2020

The making of the mobile industry was the moment that pre-paid calling was implemented. Users with no secure income but relatively small amounts of money could become customers when they had money. This week Mondia has launched a content platform that might become the “pre-pay” moment for digital content in Africa. Russell Southwood talked to Paolo Rizzardini, CCO, Mondia about its plans. Mondia came up with idea for its ‘Pay-As-You-Go” digital content platform just 8 months ago:”We were analyzing data from the African market and realized how difficult it was to monetize Africa subscribers in a US or European ‘all-you-can-eat’…


Sub-Saharan Africa's Broadcasting Landscape

Balancing Act is pleased to announce the publication of Sub-Saharan Africa’s Broadcasting Landscape and Nine Key Markets. The report is a joint publication with one of the continent’s leading providers of mobile-based research and insights GeoPoll.