Wari’s CEO Kabirou Mbodje on why he wants to buy Tigo Senegal and how he’s creating an open access financial global brand

15 June 2018

Digital transformation has even in Africa kicked over the whole deck of cards. Everyone wants to do everything and is trying to find where the high margin centre of gravity will end up. Nothing exemplifies the idea more of everything sold turns into air than Wari’s desire to buy Tigo Senegal. Russell Southwood spoke recently at Afrobytes to Kabirou Mbodje, CEO, Wari about how his global ambitions and why he wants to buy Tigo Senegal. Mbodjie was born in Lyon, France to Senegalese parents but holds dual French-Senegalese citizenship. Having got a degree in Telecoms Engineering in France and an…


Pan African TV Channel VoxAfrica has a big hit with The VoiceAfrique and will launch a live streaming channel

15 June 2018

Being a Pan-African free-to-air channel is tough and takes a lot of time and investment. Based in London, VoxAfrica started broadcasting in May 2008 and ten years later it still here and has over that time widened its audience base. At the recent Afrobytes event in Paris at the beginning of the month Russell Southwood spoke to Sora Yago-Boli, Director of Finance and Operations, VoxAfrica. Sora Yego-Boli started at VoxAfrica in 2014 after a period of being consultant for the channel. VoxAfrica itself is bilingual, free-to-air, Pan-African TV station, available on both satellite (it’s on Canal +, Gotv, Zuku and…


Africa's Media Deficit and Access to Knowledge

Access to information is a fundamental human right. Article 19(2) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights1 (ICCPR) links the right to information to freedom of expression includes the right to information: When citizens have no access to media or only limited access to media their “freedom to seek, receive and impart information of all kinds” is restricted. Where this position exists, citizens are experiencing a media deficit that affects their access to knowledge. Therefore, this briefing paper sets out to do two things: To outline the scale and extent of the media deficit and the general factors…