AfricaCom 2018 – The need for cloning technology to see everything you want in this mega meet point

16 November 2018

AfricaCom has become so big that it’s difficult to grasp everything that’s happening: it’s the size of a small town and one minute you’re talking to a Nigerian TV producer, the next to someone who’s wants to make a major investment in disruptive satellite technology. Russell Southwood provides a quick snapshot of the pieces he was able to see. There’s the meetings you plan and the chance encounters: from talking to Funke Opeke, CEO, Main One, sitting quietly drafting and information release about a recent outage on the cable that was quickly resolved to bumping into Herman Singh, MTN and…


83 million African households to have access to Digital Terrestrial Television by the end of 2020, but will they actually be consuming it?

15 November 2018

The slow progress of Africa’s migration from analogue to digital broadcasting has been frustrating for everyone in the broadcast industry. Balancing Act’s latest report Analogue to Digital Broadcasting Migration Africa shows there has been some progress but there’s still a long way to go. Balancing Act’s Head of Research Matthew Dawes looks at whether Africa will reach the finish line just as viewers take their loyalty to other screens. The ITU’s 17th June 2015 deadline for the switchover from analogue to digital migration has long been passed by the vast majority of African Governments, but, a newly released report by…


Analogue to Digital Broadcasting Migration in Africa (Nov 2018)

The 3rd edition of “Analogue to Digital Broadcasting Migration in Africa” Report has now been officially released and is available for download. The report, which consists of 132 pages and 35,000 words, gives a true reflection of the status of the digital switchover across 56 African countries and territories. Any professional who has an interest in the future of broadcasting across the continent will find the information and analysis included in the report invaluable.