Nigerian FTT provider Legend doubles its speeds for Double and Triple Play Customers – increased video use drives consumption

7 December 2018

Nigeria’s FTTH provider Legend is making slow but steady progress in what remains a tough market because of the economy. Next year it will roll out in Lagos and Kano. Russell Southwood spoke to Bruce Ayonote, Founder and CEO, Legend about giving customers faster speeds and reaching a tipping point. Legend is a Fibre-To-The-Home provider with its on video content bundle in Nigeria’s capital Abuja. Since I last spoke to Legend in January 2017 it has gone from 1,500 to 2,200 subscribers (1,800 households; 400 corporate) and from 150,000 to 200,000 homes passed. At the end of October it announced…


Azuri Technologies offers solar powered satellite TVs to rural householders - 60 TV and 20 radio channels from Star Times and Zuku

30 November 2018

Solar powered satellite TVs are slowly but surely expanding the size of Africa’s TV audiences and finding new viewers in previously uncovered rural areas. Russell Southwood spoke to Azuri Technologies’ CEO Simon Bransfield-Garth about why rural householders think TV is important and what they watch. When we spoke to Bransfield-Garth at the beginning of 2017, Azuri Technologies had only got customers in “the hundreds”. Now it is selling its solar powered TV in three countries (Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria) and has sold in “the low tens of thousands. Paygo (Pay-as-you-go) is inherently challenging in distribution terms and it’s different with…


Analogue to Digital Broadcasting Migration in Africa (Nov 2018)

The 3rd edition of “Analogue to Digital Broadcasting Migration in Africa” Report has now been officially released and is available for download. The report, which consists of 132 pages and 35,000 words, gives a true reflection of the status of the digital switchover across 56 African countries and territories. Any professional who has an interest in the future of broadcasting across the continent will find the information and analysis included in the report invaluable.