Vodacom rolls out Upstream’s free data platform Zero-D as Flex – High volumes of users but now the challenge of financing via advertising, more African roll-outs planned

11 October 2019

Running out of mobile data is a cliff-edge moment: you either buy more if you can afford it or wait if you can’t. Upstream’s Zero-D is a kind of free data purgatory before you get back to paid data heaven. Russell Southwood spoke to Upstream’s Head of Zero-D Kostas Kastanis about what it’s trying to do with what it hopes will become an advertising-supported platform Zero-D’s origins as a product were part of Upstream’s business strategy of being a “digital revenue creation partner for mobile operators on non-core services.” The insight came out of looking at subscribers using airtime as…


SES and AEB launch new satellite platform in Ethiopia with 33 channels, 12 of which are in HD – looking for hybrid business models

10 October 2019

The launch of the Ethiosat platform is another strong signal that the Ethiopian broadcast market is heading towards full liberalization. Russell Southwood spoke to Clint Brown, VP Sales and Market Development, SES Video Africa about whose on the Ethiosat platform and how it hopes things will develop. The launch of this new platform by SES in partnership with the Association of Ethiopian Broadcasters (AEB) and the Government’s Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) is part of a long established strategy to enter the African market:”No one size fits all so you have to find the most appropriate way to enter specific markets”.…


Sub-Saharan Africa's Broadcasting Landscape

Balancing Act is pleased to announce the publication of Sub-Saharan Africa’s Broadcasting Landscape and Nine Key Markets. The report is a joint publication with one of the continent’s leading providers of mobile-based research and insights GeoPoll.