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Advertising on Balancing Act's:
Target Africa's Telecoms, IT and Media Communities

Through its website and newsletters uniquely focused on the whole of Africa, Balancing Act provides a unique platform where from your company can advertise its products, services and solutions.


1. Sponsorship and Advertising in the Newsletters

With an advertising banner in Balancing Act's newsletters, readers are a click-through to your website where they can find essential information about your company and products. All ads include a link to your website or the webpage you want readers to point to. Our opt-in only newsletters often get distributed to employees within large organisations, offering extra exposure.  

Balancing Act produces 4 x "e-letters" covering the telecoms, Internet, audiovisual and broadcast sectors in Africa (the whole of Africa). Sent free of charge, they are published in html format and are responsive to mobile devices.

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Newsletters in Telecoms/NTIC Segments in Africa

A) “News update” is the weekly English speaking newsletter covering the IT, telecoms and Internet sectors across Africa. Number of subscribers: over 7500 in January 2017, growing weekly.

B) “Dernières nouvelles des TICs en Afrique” is the fortnightly French speaking newsletter covering the IT, telecoms and Internet sectors across Africa. Number of subscribers: 3800 in January 2017.

Newsletters in Audiovisual-Broadcast Segments in Africa

C) “Broadcast, film and convergence” is the fortnightly English speaking newsletter covering the audiovisual sector in the whole of Africa. Number of subscribers: 6151 in January 2017. 

D) “La veille de l'audiovisuel en Afrique” (VAA) is the fortnightly French speaking newsletter covering the audiovisual sector across the whole of Africa and further. Number of subscribers: over 3200 on 1st January 2017, growing weekly. It is the "number 1" professional newsletter on this sector in Africa. Its broad content also attracts people outside of the sector, interested in african films and black cultures' news, such as latest releases and film makers' interviews.




2. Advertising on the Website

Advertising 2016 - Traffic Graph ImageAdvertising 2016 - Website Image

Traffic per year:

2016: 670 321 pages vues - 487 221 sessions - 402 878 unique users

2015: 653 659 pages vues - 469 881 sessions - 395 388 unique users

In 2013 and again in 2014, the website attracted more than 440 000 visits and over 360,000 unique visitors from all over the World.  

Advertise on Balancing Act’s responsive website and your company will be exposed to thousands of visitors who browse our website daily because of the valuable industry information they find there (check our news' archive here). It is a cost-effective way to market your company, to convey fresh messages, to highlight your solutions and to reach new clients.

The below map shows where visitors to the Balancing Act's website come from (in green):

Balancing Act - Web Traffic map


BA stats 1

BA stats 2

BA stats 3

Sources: Google Analytics / Alexa, Feb. 2017.



3. We Send Your Mailshots  

More and more business owners are choosing cost-effective ways to market their solutions to targeted audiences using e-mail. Permission-based email marketing provides some of the best return on investment for your marketing budget.

Balancing Act can offer to send clients’ mail shots if the content is in line with our editorial angle. Mail shots are HTML emails produced by clients which we check and send to our readers (with their permission).

4. Insert Your Communication In Our Video Interviews

Advertising 2016 - Video Interview Image 

We have 2 YouTube channels where we have posted over 300 video interviews of innovators and major industry players. Get us to interview your executives, insert pre-roll or post-roll ads in our videos... Call us to find out more. 

5. Sponsor one of our Upcoming Reports

Building market reports takes lots of time and energy. Everytime we decide to produce a report, we make a bet, and sometimes we do not get full return on investment. We need help! If you want your brand to be associated with some of our upcoming white papers and market reports, please contact us. 

If you want to advertise or find out more about our advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us via email: marketing (at)

To download the advertising rates card click below

Balancing Act Advertising Rate card 2018

Balancing Act's team reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to accept for publication any advertisement submitted.